Why Shop for a New Queen Bed for Sale if You Work from Home?


You might not have realised it until now, but your mattress’ length, support, type of firmness, and its width affect your sleep. If you no longer enjoy a restful night’s sleep, then you compromise on your ability to concentrate, work, and enjoy life. It is time to look for a queen bed for sale, especially if you work remotely.

But before we help you find a queen bed for sale, let us linger a bit on why you need a comfortable sleep area, especially if you work from home.

Changing Sleeping Patterns: More Time in Bed

Sleep forms an integral part of our daily lives. For it to perform its magic of rejuvenation, we need to sleep comfortably and get enough sleep. With more and more people now working remotely, sleep patterns have changed.

It comes as no surprise that remote workers often use their beds to double up as workspaces. If you fall in this category, chances are you spend way more than the average 6 to 8 hours daily in your sleep space. Your mattress gets more than its fair share of constant pressure and moving weight. If it no longer provides the right support, then it is time to shop for a new queen mattress for sale.

Do Remote Workers Sleep More?

Mattress Advisor conducted a survey to determine if remote work has a positive or negative effect on people’s sleep patterns. Here is what their study showed:

People who have worked remotely before COVID-19 (and still do) have on average 7,22 hours of sleep per night and experience sleep quality of 6,78 out of 10.

Those who have transitioned from office work to remote employment sleep on average 6,97 hours a night with sleep quality measuring 6,74, while the employed and still active in the office-based work group sleep fewer hours (6,92) and have lower sleep quality than both other groups (6,31).

It seems that remote work does improve sleep quality and time.

As a remote worker, you will spend more time in your queen bed than before COVID-19. It thus makes sense to look for a mattress that can provide the support you need to get up refreshed without body aches every morning.

What to Consider When Shopping for a New Queen Bed for Sale

The mattress must be able to support your weight. If you have a sleep partner, consider the weight capacity per side. Also consider the length of the mattress. Do not buy one that is your exact length. You need space between your head and the headboard for good airflow and do not want your feet to dangle over the foot end of the mattress.

If you often sit and work in bed, then you will want a slightly firmer mattress. If not, but you sleep more, you will want a foam gel mattress to add a layer of luxury and which supports your entire body. Have a look at our guide on choosing a mattress that is right for you for more information on what to look for in the mattress.

Where to Start?

Once you know which type of mattress is perfect for you, shop by brand or size. But do not ignore our best sellers and promotions where you can get quality mattresses for sale at exceptionally competitive prices. We can ask less because we make our beds ourselves and sell directly to the public.

Shop online for amazing deals or visit one of our outlets near you for in-store assistance and mattress testing.



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