Shopping for Beds By Size

Shopping for beds for sale can be a bit confusing if you don’t know the dimensions of the standard types like single, three-quarter, double, queen, and king size mattresses. To make the process as hassle-free as possible, let’s look at the options based on dimensions, helping you decide which mattress is best for your particular needs if you need to shop by size.

Single Beds for Sale

A single mattress is wide enough to sleep one person comfortably. It is well-suited for rooms where you want twin beds for guests, self-catering accommodation, hostels, or for your kid’s room. The single mattress is not the best choice for a heavy sleeper as the room for safe horizontal movement is limited.

It measures 92cm in width and 188cm in length for the standard size. For extra length, the dimensions are 92cm by 200cm. Choose the extra length for sleepers of 185cm in height and taller to give them enough head and feet space. Keep this tip in mind for all the mattress sizes.

Three Quarter Beds for Sale

These are slightly wider than the single mattress but are also available in the standard and extra length of 188cm and 200cm respectively. The three-quarter mattress is 107cm wide, giving you an extra 15cm of horizontal movement space. It is well-suited for teens, the guestroom, or for an accommodation establishment that offers a bit more luxury.

Because it is wider, it is better suited for the heavier sleeper. In most instances, the three-quarter mattress also has a higher weight-bearing capacity. One drawback is that it takes up more floor space. If you have a small room, it might be difficult to fit two of these. It works great for a child’s room and it’s superb for the teen who has a pet as a bed partner or is a restless sleeper.

Double Beds for Sale

These are the middle-ground. The mattresses are wide enough to fit two small- or medium-built adults but take up less floorspace than the queen and king size mattresses. The double mattress is 137cm wide, which gives you an added 30cm of horizontal space in comparison to the three-quarter and 45cm more than the single mattress. Each sleeper has 68,5cm space, giving them a comfortable but snug sleep area.

The double mattress is well-suited for teens, young twins, a single person who wants a bit more space than offered by the three-quarter mattress, and for a guestroom that doesn’t have enough space for a queen size base set. When choosing the double mattress, keep the weight-bearing capacity per side in mind.

Queen Size Beds for Sale

The queen size mattress is the most popular choice when it comes to two-sleeper mattresses. It is wide enough for a comfortable sleep experience, yet small enough to fit in most medium-size bedrooms. Your guests will love you for the extra space. It is also a great choice for medium to heavy sleepers or if you’re a single person, it offers you a luxuriously big surface to stretch out. The queen size offers 152cm in width, giving you 76cm per sleeper, enough to stretch out a bit without encroaching on your partner’s sleep space.

King Size Beds for Sale

These are not called king size for nothing. They’re the epitome of space with 183cm per sleeper. Just a single centimetre extra and you have the space of two single mattresses in one bed. More comfortable and with more weight-bearing capacity than any of the other options, this is the choice of royalty. However, it can be difficult to fit the mattress through narrow doorways and the base set takes up a lot of floorspace. Make sure you have enough space to fit it.

What’s Next?

Now that you know the different types of beds for sale, use our “shop by size” or “shop by brand” options to filter your search for bases and mattresses that match your space, weight, lifestyle, and accommodation needs. Our products are luxurious but affordable because we make and sell the beds directly to the public. You can also use our store locator to find one of our outlets near you for in-store purchases.

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