Looking for mattresses for sale that offer superior comfort?

Then you will love the plush and super comfort offered by memory foam. If you have not yet slept or spent some time on a memory-foam-based mattress, use the store locator to find an outlet and visit the nearest one of our outlets to lie down on one of the mattresses that boast memory foam as part of its make-up.

You will be convinced that this is the luxury your body craves for a good night’s rest every day of the week. But informed decision making is essential to ensure satisfaction with your purchase decision. For that reason, read on to get a better understanding of the benefits of memory foam before you browse our selection.

Superb for Relieving Body Aches

People so often accept body aches as natural, especially back pains. They often contribute shoulder pains to normal daily stress, but chances are they sleep on the wrong mattresses, and sleep in uncomfortable positions.

One of the main reasons to buy a mattress that includes memory foam is to enjoy the body ache relief that comes from sleeping on a mattress that contours around your body instead of pushing back. These mattresses give relief at the pressure points of the shoulder, hip, back, and neck and help to align the spine as you adjust your sleep position. After a night’s rest on such a mattress, you can wake up refreshed.

Suited for Most Types of Sleep Positions

You get people who sleep on their backs, those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs, and others who enjoy sleeping on their sides. You fall into one of these categories, or perhaps you are a combination sleeper? If you are a back sleeper, you will appreciate the lumbar support and assistance in relieving tension in muscles. If you are a stomach sleeper, you will not have the issue of a curving back during the night. Likewise, if you are prone to sleep on your side, then the cushioning of the shoulder and hip pressure points will ensure a pain-free and exceptionally comfortable sleep.

See the Hybrid Premium mattresses for sale that boast gel-infused memory foam as part of their design. These beds have a combination of pocket spring coils and layered foam for optimal support, movement absorption, and absolute comfort.

Little to No Motion Transfer

If you share a bed with a restless sleeper, then you already know how their movement can negatively affect your sleep. Take care of the problem by browsing our range of beds for sale that include memory foam because these boast little to no motion transfer. It means you will not feel and hear it every time your bed partner adjusts their sleep position, with the end-result being undisturbed rest for you.

Perfect for People Who Struggle with Dust and Mite Allergies

The gel-infused memory foam together with Purotex® technology help to repel dust mite, mould, and mildew. With hypo-allergenic properties, these types of mattresses for sale are the answer to minimise the risk of sneezing, hives, and related symptoms associated with allergies because of mould, mildew, and dust mites in the bed. Also have a look at the Therapaedic Superior beds for sale, offering layered foam design, firm feel, and Purotex® technology with probiotic characteristics for a cleaner sleeping environment.

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Perfect for Bedridden People

Constant pressure on specific points of the body lead to bed sores. If you have a loved one that has to spend a lot of their time in bed for prolonged bed rest during an illness, give them a comfortable space where the mattress hugs and supports their body instead of adding pain because of pushing back at pressure points.

Where to Find Mattresses for Sale Made from High-Quality Memory Foam?

If you have struggled with body aches, it is time to shop our range of mattresses for sale to find one that provides the right kind of support. We offer regular promotions, lay-by purchase options, several means to pay for your purchase, fast delivery in metro areas, lowest price guarantee (terms and conditions apply), and superior-quality beds for less, because we cut out the middleman.




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