Top Tips for Buying a New Base Set in South Africa


Buying a bed isn’t a simple task. You can’t just purchase the first queen-size unit you see and expect it to be fabulous. It’s vital to understand that your base set can affect your health and happiness alike. If you’re not getting the required hours of rest every night, you won’t be in great shape during the day. Choose a supplier that you can trust to deliver quality products so that your family can sleep peacefully all year round.

Base set sizes available 

We offer options, from single straight-through to king-size mattresses and base sets. It is important to know the measurements of each so that you can plan properly for every room and person that needs a new base set.

All beds are at a length of 188 cm but come in extra-length sets as well. These are available in lengths of 200 cm each, giving a full 12 cm extra at the foot-end. For people who prefer an abundance of pillows, it’s always great to go for lengthier units to avoid having your feet dangling over the foot-end. Below are the measurements in width for the selections we offer:

  • Single 91 cm
  • Three-quarter 107 cm
  • Double 137 cm
  • Queen 152 cm
  • King 183 cm

We have five superior brands of base sets and mattresses to choose from to fit any homeowner’s taste. The final choice depends on you and your partner’s weights as well. Check the maximum weight per side when choosing a base set.

Take it for a test nap

One of the biggest mistakes people make in purchasing new beds is not trying it out before taking it home. Don’t just shop with your eyes, shop with your body. Browse our impeccable selection online and go to one of our many stores around South Africa to try a few of the sleepers we sell. If you’re not sure about the type of mattress and base set, send your prerequisites to us and we can help you to pick the perfect one.

Most people don’t know right out the starting gate what exactly they want and can benefit from laying down on a couple of luxurious beds before making a final choice. If you’re still wavering about your exact needs but are concerned that there might not be one of our outlets near you, you can utilise the user-friendly store locator on our site for free. There is no reason for anyone to miss out on an outing to The Bed Shop.

Superior products come with a warranty

If you purchase a base set and mattress from a small, non-branded store, you don’t necessarily have a warranty worth its weight. The store may close its doors in a couple of months from your purchase without even notifying you. The warranty is only good if you can rely on the brand to be around for years to come. If you choose a well-known brand like ours, rest assured that your purchase will come with a warranty, and on some products, the warranties and guarantees are valid for up to twelve years. Now that should be sufficient proof that we’re serious about the phenomenal quality bedroom furniture we sell.

Don’t hesitate to buy a base set to catch up on all the lost beauty sleep caused by not owning a proper sleeper. Choose a bed by the features, comfort it offers and durability, not by the price. Remember that having a spectacular bedroom unit that can last years will save you money and time in the future. Nevertheless, we do have extremely competitive prices and ample options ranging from inexpensive to more extravagant sets.

Get started right away

Equip your home with stylish bedroom furniture. Enjoy pleasant dreams and deep sleep daily. Shop for your base set by brand, price or size. Use our convenient store locator to find an outlet near you.





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