Have you ever pondered the reason why beds for sale at your local retailers are so expensive? It’s because most stores are only the suppliers and not the manufacturers of their products. They purchase their merchandise from elsewhere and sell the products to you at higher prices.

If you want to purchase a top-quality luxury mattress or base set for less without the middleman taking their cut, choose The Bed Shop. You can visit any of our 93 stores to find luxury beds for sale.

Why Do Our Products Cost Less?

It’s not because we sell inferior products. On the contrary, we’re the leading and largest independent franchise luxury bed manufacturer and retailer in the country. You pay less because we manufacture our own products. We produce superior bedroom furniture at the best prices in South Africa, Namibia, and Zambia. We back our claims by offering extensive warranties with time periods varying between brands. Speaking of which, here is a list of our different brands:

The luxury beds for sale come in various sizes, ranging from the smallest option being single and the largest being king-sized sets. For added space, you can purchase one of our extra-length mattress and base sets.

What Goes into Our Mattress and Base Sets?

Aside from the hard work and skilful craftsmanship, our mattress and base sets are made of only top-quality materials. In turn, the advanced combination of quality materials is what contributes to deep, undisturbed, and comfortable sleep. Each brand of mattress is uniquely crafted to suit the specific needs of our customers. With every brand, you have multiple levels of luxury to choose from to meet your style, comfort, and budget needs.

ComfoSleep Selection

Let’s look at the ComfoSleep Basic unit to illustrate our point. This type of mattress and base set has a Bonnell Coil inner spring, which offers a firm feel, with a maximum weight limit of 70 kg on each side. It’s designed with the multi-turn feature, allowing you to flip your mattress as you please. What’s more, the fabric is made from Bamboo®, a natural bacterial barrier that allows for optimal cleanliness and a cooler night’s rest. The product also comes with a guarantee, giving you ample time to test it out and see if it’s as durable and comfortable as we claim.

For an even more lavish base set, you can look at the ComfoSleep Elemental range of beds for sale. Units in this range offer the same elements as the ComfoSleep Basic, plus more. A key difference is that, along with the Bonnell Coil springs, these mattresses are fitted with a pillow-top design, adding to the luxuriousness of the sleep space. Another change from the Basic to Elemental is that the latter features a turn-free style mattress instead of the multi-turn style of the ComfoSleep. Lastly, it allows for an additional 10 kg in weight capacity. With a longer warranty, four and a half years more than the Basic unit, you know it’s worth the small added fee. The guarantee on this is also one year instead of six months.

Beds for Sale for Every Individual’s Needs

As you can see, we have many brands, and we offer ample options within each one. For instance, the Therapaedic brand has four variants, namely Essential, Elemental, Superior, and Supreme. Browse our catalogue now, and find the right fit for your body type and personal preferences. Shopping with us means you get a hassle-free delivery right to your doorstep.

We make luxury beds and sell for less because we’ve taken the middleman’s cut out of the picture. We make it easy to find more information on our beds for sale. Start your journey towards better sleep here.

Our CEO Jade Cole explains what makes The Bed Shop unique and why our beds are of superior quality and more affordable than those of our competitors. Watch the full episode here!

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