A good bed is the most important part of getting a good night’s sleep, and a good night’s sleep is a cornerstone of health. If you’re looking to buy new beds for sale, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you make the best possible choice, which we will explore in this article.

5 Things to Consider when Looking at Beds for Sale

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to beds for sale:

Size Matters

Your first big choice will be the size of the bed. Beds for sale come in a range of sizes, from single to king. You need to choose the right size based on your sleeping habits and the size of your bedroom. If you’re a restless sleeper, a larger bed may be the better option, as it helps to prevent you disturbing your partner. Similarly, if you have a small room, a smaller bed may be a better fit to maximise space. The size of the bed is all about context, and finding the right size for you means striking a balance between desired sleeping space and space available in the bedroom.

Your options include:

  1. Single: A single bed is ideal for children or adults who have limited space in their bedroom. It is the smallest standard size.
  2. Three-Quarter: A three-quarter bed is a great option for single adults who need more space to sleep or for couples who prefer to sleep very close together.
  3. Double: A double bed is an excellent option for couples who want more space to sleep comfortably.
  4. Queen: A queen bed is the most popular size. It’s an excellent option for couples who want plenty of space to spread out.
  5. King: A king bed is the largest standard size. It’s perfect for couples of restless sleepers who need even more space and for families who enjoy snuggling together on weekend mornings.

Matching Your Mattress to Your Bed

After selecting the size of your bed, your next big choice comes in with selecting the type of mattress. Mattresses come in various types, and your choice of mattress depends on your sleeping style, personal preferences, and budget. Memory foam is better for those who want maximum comfort and support, while innerspring is best for those who want a firmer feel to their mattress surface. Hybrid mattresses are a combination of the two and offer a good compromise between comfort and support. These are only a few of the mattress types available.

The Bedding Can Make the Bed

Next, you should not forget about quality bedding. Bedding includes everything from sheets and pillows to blankets and comforters, and can often be the deciding factor in the bed’s aesthetics (along with the frame). Quality bedding can enhance your sleeping experience, and it’s worth investing in the best you can afford. The material and thread count of your sheets can affect your comfort, while your choice of pillows can impact your posture and spinal alignment. Also consider investing in pillow and mattress protectors to ensure you get the longest possible lifespan out of your bedding and mattress.

A Solid Foundation

While we are on the topic of aesthetics, remember to pay attention to the bed frame. Upholstered frames go best with their mattresses, and ensure the greatest level of comfort, which is why we at The Bed Shop offer bed sets for sale with matching mattresses and bases. If you want a larger sized bed but space is an issue, and you want to maximise storage, consider one of our storage bases.

Integrating New Beds

Finally, consider the room and décor that your new bed needs to fit into. When buying a new bed, it’s essential to consider how it will fit into your bedroom’s overall design. Your bed should complement your room’s décor and reflect your personal style. Bear in mind things like the size of the room, the existing colour scheme and finishings, and the bed’s orientation in relation to the door and windows.

All of this might seem a little complex, but at The Bed Shop, we make the process simple. We are there to guide you every step of the way, both online and in person. Start your journey of exploring beds for sale with our mattress finder, or use our store locator to find the closest place where you can try the beds for yourself.


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