Are you wondering: “Should I buy a new bed set or just a new mattress?” The short answer is: if you can afford it, then buy one of the full bed sets rather than just the mattress. The reason being is that the base provides support for your mattress. The mattress will be more comfortable if it has something underneath it. But to give you a more comprehensive answer, let’s look at the purpose of a base first.

What is a Base and Why Is it Important?

It is the support structure for the mattress. Several types are available, but to ensure the durability and comfort of the mattress, make sure the mattress and base fits. If the base consists of wood panels or slats, it will have gaps. Every gap is a potential weak point when it comes to support. Rather buy a base that offers the right support for the particular type, size, and brand of mattress.

Bed Sets Come with Base and Mattress Matches

When you buy one of the base sets from the same brand, you have the assurance of a 100% perfect fit. The base is built to fit a specific size and weight mattress. It has the right dimensions, meaning you won’t struggle with a mattress that moves around, is too big to fit the base, or too small, looking awkward.

Matching Lifespans

You might end up having to replace the base three years down the line and then your mattress is already older. By a matching base and mattress set with one purchase, and you know that their lifespans will coincide. This ensures a better deal, helping you to plan better for when replacement will be needed.

Durability of the Mattress

If the base is already worn, it can affect the comfort level of the mattress. You don’t get the value you should. It can also affect the performance and durability of the mattress.

But When Can You Buy a Mattress Only?

If you have recently bought a base and now have the money to purchase the mattress new as well, you can do so. In this instance, buy the same brand mattress from the same supplier. If the base is still sturdy and looks great, then you can save money by just replacing the mattress.

Benefits of Buying Bed Sets

Buying a combination enables you to save money. This is possible because you save on delivery fees. Instead of paying for two separate deliveries, you pay for one. If you live in one of the metro areas, you save even more when within a specific distance from the nearest store.

We offer regular promotions on mattresses, as well as base combinations, enabling you to get luxury base and mattress combinations at discount prices. This is without compromise on quality. All our brands are made by us and for us to sell through our outlets and online store. In this way, we save you even more money because we’ve cut out the middleman. It also implies that you will have more money available to buy one of the full bed sets.

But what if you only need a mattress? Then you’ll be glad to know that we offer equally competitive prices on the mattresses from all our brands. Shop according to brand, size, mattress type, or bed sets to meet your sleep requirements.

Several Ways to Pay

Pay through EFT, credit card, Mobicred, Payflex, or any of our other allowable payment methods.

Choose from the Best Sellers

Buy one of the bed sets in the best-seller range for same-day delivery. Have a look at our range of base and mattress options here to get started.

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