Should I Buy A King- or Queen-sized Bed?


Laughter and peaceful sleep are the two pillars of enjoying life to the fullest. It all starts with having a comfortable bed. Considering that it’s the space where you spend a third of your 24-hour day, choosing the right bed size matters. With a king-size offering the obvious benefit of space, the question is whether it’s always the best choice or whether a queen-size will be better suited for your particular needs. Besides the space factor, what else should you consider in choosing between king-and queen-sized beds?

The most obvious choice factor is the space you have available. The second factor depends on your budget. However, if neither of these is an issue to you, then there are different points to consider when looking at your master-, guest- or other room options.

It isn’t uncommon to think that the bigger unit is always the better one, but this is not necessarily true. The bed is generally the most vital piece in any room, and so you want to be meticulous when picking one for yourself or others. Let’s consider both options to help you reach a decision.

Benefits of queen-sized beds

The standard width and length of a queen-sized bed in South Africa is 152 cm by 188 cm. You also get the extra length sets, measuring at 152 cm by 200 cm, for those of you who are on the taller side of life.

We offer an extensive selection of brands as well as multiple units for different weights ranging from 90 kg to 150 kg per side. Have a look at our mattress collection here. What does it mean? Simply that you can find a bed that fits your weight requirements.

Why does the weight factor matter? Think of a chair. If more weight is applied than the design, material and construction allow for, then the chair can break. Perhaps not the first time it’s exposed to the weight, but it certainly affects its structural integrity. Likewise, the mattress and its base can handle up to a maximum weight. As such, the option of buying a bed, made to carry the weight per side is beneficial. Choose accordingly to ensure it can give the required support and can do so for a long time.

One great benefit about queen beds is that they cost less than the king-sized cousins. If you need to fit two or three rooms, then saving per bed cost makes sense. But what about saving space? Queen-sized units are more compact in size and can fit in smaller spaces. Of course, it’s not always about space-saving, but how the room is arranged. Queen-sized units, because of their slightly smaller sizes can fit in well in most rooms without creating the feeling of bulkiness. Want to see what’s available? Visit our comprehensive selection here.

These are perfect for guest rooms as they offer more than a double size unit and still leave your visitors with enough walking area. It makes sense to go for the more affordable option for your visitor room, as it is likely that these beds won’t be used too often. Let’s take another look at the benefits:

  • These are ideal for a young couple who enjoys close contact.
  • There is enough space for two people sharing with a small pet or child.
  • Saves 15, 5 cm on each side compared to a king.
  • The units are more affordable than king-sized

Benefits of king-sized beds

If size is something that matters to you, then this is the best buy for your master bedroom. With a width of 183 cm and a length of 188 cm, there is no doubt that there will be a spot for you, your hubby and your favourite fur-ball. It features the extra length choice, which gives you that 12 cm boost for longer legs. It also gives you full bragging rights to boast at the next clambake about having the ultimate sleeper in your sanctuary.

With a large room, a king-sized bed is essential to complete the picture and grab that centrepiece title your luxurious bed deserves. As with the queen beds, we also sell sets for different weight groups, from 100 kg units to 150 kg for either side. Have a look at the king-size range here.

More reasons to consider a king-sized bed:

  • These have a large surface area for all couples alike, especially those who tend to be restless sleepers.
  • Excellent choice for those who want breathing room whilst sharing with big dogs or children.
  • The most lavish option for all households wanting to showcase their abode to others.
  • Can carry a lot of weight for heavier patrons to relax and sleep easy.

No individual will feel scared of falling off with a platform as big as a king-sized bed!

Picking a unit for each bedroom

Knowing the measurements of each option, it is essential to measure the room surface space to see which one would fit better in your room. You should keep in mind that whichever bed you decide on should fit properly in your apartment or home with at least 600 cm of walking space around the bottom and sides of the unit. This will ensure that you don’t have to squeeze from side to side against the walls and ruin your bedding each time.

If you know that you or your partner have a bulkier build, then take measurements from shoulder to shoulder as well as the perimeter around the waist, to ensure enough bed space is available for comfortable sleep. Also use this as a guideline to determine the walking space needed to move around with ease. If you plan to place desks, loose-standing drawers or a vanity section in the room, measure those as well. Sometimes the smaller product can benefit you, by not crowding the place.

How long will you stay?

Tenants and homeowners need beds alike. Thus, it’s necessary to think about the possibilities of having to move the furniture you purchase. If you have just bought a new house, then you might not need to worry about future relocation and can skip this step in the process.

For those who are more likely to change homes from time to time, it is vital that you think about the movability of your bed. It’s one thing to struggle through a narrow passageway only once to place a king-sized unit where it is going to stay for years to come. However, if you aren’t sure about where you will be living after a few months or so, it might be wise to choose a smaller set. This way you don’t have to be too stressed about your new abode having smaller rooms or tighter spots to manoeuvre through.

Speaking of the future – beds for kids

When buying beds for kids, you always have to ponder about the fact that they’re still growing. This is where genetics will play a role. Subject to you and your spouse’s lengths, your kids might be very tall, incredibly short or just medium in height. However, if you expect them to grow quite a bit more, consider extra-length beds, that’s if they already tower out among their peers. Whether it is king or queen, the added length can save you from having to take out more money in a year or two.

Buy what you can afford

Although prices can vary according to brands, the size also makes a difference. Remember that you won’t just be buying the base and mattress, but also the bedding. Comforter or duvet sets are slightly more expensive the bigger the size. Likewise, if you want to add a headboard or footer to the sleeper, then you should include that in the budget planning phase. If you’re dead-set on having a huge sleeping space, but your finances are an obstacle, you can always shop by brand that still gives you the size you want.

To get you started – here’s a list of our wide range of superior Dynamic® options for base-sets and mattresses:

All these offer outstanding quality materials to make you sleep better, are durable, and can provide luxury comfort for years to come.

The final decision is up to you

At the end of the day, both options of king– or queen-sized beds are fantastic choices that will depend on your situation and preferences. If you truly want the largest of beds, then you can make a king work for you. If you are satisfied with whichever will fit better in your house, then decide by the space factor. When money plays a role, go with what you are happy to spend. Lastly, you have to select a supplier that can fill your needs and we meet the requirement. Don’t be shy with questions about the products before making an investment.

So, what’s the final verdict?

Consider the factors we discussed. You want a bed that can handle the expected weight, is spacious enough to provide for optimal comfort and fits the room surface area.

Find your dream bed now, king- or queen-sized, standard or extra length and start enjoying bedtime again.






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