Extra space is one of the most sought-after commodities in the modern world. Most of us are looking for ways to maximise space in our homes without the hassle and expense of having to build extensions or move houses. One of the best ways to maximise space is to find innovative ways of turning everyday household items into storage solutions. A mattress storage base does just that, allowing homeowners to store a wealth of things under their beds.

So, let’s answer some questions about mattress storage base sets and then explore some reasons why they’re so popular in modern homes.

Q: What is a Mattress Storage Base?

A: A mattress storage base is essentially a bed base with a storage component. Rather than being a solid base, it opens up to reveal a hidden draw-like space, enabling users to store a wide range of items safely and securely. While some models simply lift up to reveal storage space, others consist of more complex configurations and include drawers.

Q: What Sizes are Mattress Storage Bases Available In?

A: Mattress storage bases are available in a variety of sizes. Here at The Bed Shop, we have sizes to suit most of our mattress models, meaning that storage bases are available as singles, three-quarters, doubles, and queens. Clients can also choose between standard bed base length and extra length.

Q: What Can I Store in My Mattress Storage Base?

A: The world is truly your oyster when it comes to what you can store under your bed. Many clients opt to use their bed storage base for unworn clothes (for example, heavy winter jackets in the height of summer), spare bed linen, photographs and books, children’s toys, shoes, sports gear, and so much more.

Benefits of Mattress Storage Bases

A mattress storage base set has so many advantages. Here are some popular reasons why our clients at The Bed Shop love them.

  1. Maximise Space

The biggest benefit of these bed bases is the fact that you can maximise space. This makes them a fantastic option for smaller homes or apartment dwellings. If your home is lacking on cupboard space, you can find creative solutions to make the most of what you’ve got.

  1. Say Goodbye to Clutter

One of the best perks of these beds is that they can instantly declutter a home and make things look neat and tidy again. Nothing screams chaos like misplaced items strewn carelessly around a home. However, sometimes these items just don’t have a place. Clutter isn’t just an eyesore, however, and has been linked to poorer mental health and well-being. Clutter evokes a great sense of anxiety and stress in homeowners, who often feel overwhelmed by its presence. Psychological studies have bolstered this concept, finding links between clutter and greater levels of frustration caused by the stress hormone cortisol. As such, clutter control is paramount to mental well-being. Sometimes in smaller homes, the process of decluttering can feel impossible. This is where storage bed bases can save the day.

  1. Easy to Manage and Clean

Mattress storage bases are super easy to manage and clean. When you need to access your stored items, simply remove the mattress and lift the top of the base. Hook it in place with the provided hinges and pack or unpack the base as desired. When it comes to cleaning, a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth will suffice and allow you to keep things clean and dust-free.

  1. Add Style to the Room

Mattress storage bases add elegance and style to any room, and not only because they allow homeowners to declutter their space. Our storage bases come in several shades, including charcoal, light grey, coyote, and black, and they’re characterised by their clean lines and sophisticated design elements. The colour neutrality means that they pair well with numerous colour schemes and add flare and style to any boudoir.

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