Are you looking for luxury queen beds for sale, but have questions regarding size, floorspace, headboards, and mattress length? Then read on as we answer your questions below.

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What is the Size of Standard Queen Beds for Sale?

The standard dimensions are 188 cm in length and 152 cm in width. The height of the mattress depends on its design and the materials used in manufacturing the mattress. This said, you can also get an extra-length mattress, measuring 200 cm.

The dimensions are for the mattress only. If you want to know how much space you need to allocate for the bed in your room, consider the frame in which the mattress is placed. If you use it without a bed frame, then the above-mentioned dimensions can be used but do add a few centimetres for the bedding as well. If set in a frame, add 5 cm to 6 cm to your calculations.

Are the Queen-Size Beds for Sale Suitable for Two Adults?

Yes. These are wider than the standard double bed mattresses, which measure 137 cm in width and have the standard length of 188 cm or extra length of 200 cm. The queen mattress is the most popular size for couples. It is wide enough yet takes up less floor space than the king-sized bed and offers just that bit of extra space, making it more comfortable for heavier-built couples to sleep more comfortably than would be the case with the standard double mattress offered for sale.

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What Size Headboard is Suitable?

The headboard should at minimum be the width of the mattress but add at least 2 cm to 3 cm on the side to allow for bedding as you want the headboard to be the width of the bed, plus bedding. In addition, add 2 cm to 3 cm on the side for the bed frame as well. It looks awkward if the mattress and bedding have dimensions that are wider than the headboard.

However, the headboard can be up to double the width of the frame and still look great. Also, if you plan on adding nightstands or bedside cabinets, then the headboard must be at least the width of the bed frame with bedding and the two side tables or cabinets. For best aesthetics, allow for the headboard to be wider than the mattress, frame, bedding, and nightstands. You can interchange king-size and queen-size headboards.

Where Should the Headboard be Placed – On Top of or Behind the Mattress?

The headboard must be located behind the mattress to hide the bottom edge of it. You want it to be 7 cm to 10 cm below the sleep space for optimal back support when you sit upright on the mattress.

Is it Wrong if There is a Gap Between the Headboard and the Mattress?

No, but it can be uncomfortable. If you already have a bed frame and headboard, but there is a gap between the headboard and the mattress, the most likely reason is that the frame is not right for the mattress. Shop for a larger mattress that fits the frame to ensure the gap is filled.

Where Can I Find Quality, Luxury Queen Beds for Sale That are Also Affordable?

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