3 Key Things to Know Before You Buy


With many types of single mattresses for sale, how do you select one that is right for you? We want you to make an informed buying choice and, for that reason, we want to take you through the key considerations before you set out to buy a single bed mattress to suit your needs.

How Do You Know When It is Time to Consider One of Our New Mattresses for Sale?

Deep and comfortable sleep is only possible if the surface support is adequate. Considering that, on average, you spend a third of your life sleeping, you will want do replace the mattress if it no longer provides adequate body support. As with all furniture used daily, beds also suffer wear. If your bed has been in constant use for seven or more years, it might be time to replace the sleep surface to ensure ongoing optimal comfort. Pay less for durable and luxury single beds by buying directly from the leading bed makers in South Africa – view our catalogue for promotions.

Regardless of whether the bed is for the guestroom, self-catering accommodation, or for your child’s room, if it no longer fits the size and support requirements, length requirements, and weight-bearing capacity of the particular user, replace it with one of our durable, luxury single mattresses for sale.

Single Bed Size Specifications Sketch

  1. Sleeper Length Needs

The bed should have enough space to enable a comfortable fit for the person according to their height. If your teenager’s feet dangle off the foot-end of the bed, it is a sure sign that a new mattress will be welcome. Our standard bed length is 188 cm. Keep in mind that a person does not generally rest their head right at the upper end of the bed. If a person is 188 cm in length, then choose an extra-length mattress. Our extra-length mattresses for sale all measure at 200 cm. Choose an extra-length one if the person using the bed is 180 cm or taller. The extra-length types are well-suited for guestrooms and lodge accommodation to cater for people of different heights.

  1. Mattress Thickness

The thickness does not necessarily indicate a more supportive surface. The support depends on the inner materials, design, and outer finish, as well as the quality of materials used. Support is not about thickness. All our beds meet and exceed the requirements for quality and support. With us being the bedmakers and not just the sellers, you have the assurance that any bed you choose from us will last for years and provide superb support.

Here are examples of two quality brands, both offering excellent support:

The Orthopaedic Elemental (single) comes with a mattress thickness of 53,5 cm while the Therapaedic Elemental (single) mattress is 51 cm. Both types have a 10-year warranty. The Orthopaedic comes with a one-year guarantee while the Therapaedic has a two-year guarantee. Although thicker, the Orthopaedic Elemental has a maximum weight capacity of 90 kg, while the Therapaedic can carry 110 kg. As can be seen, choosing a thicker mattress does not mean you automatically have more weight-bearing capacity. The Orthopaedic Elemental is best suited for people with an average physical profile and weight. For heavier bone and weight structure, the 110 kg weight capacity of the Therapaedic Elemental is best.

  1. Width Requirements

Our single beds are 91 cm wide. If interested in our luxury single mattresses to furnish self-catering accommodation, then the single beds are perfect. It is easy to fit twin beds in a room. However, if you have to cater to someone with a larger bone structure, choose a ¾ mattress. For children and teens, the single option also works well.

Let us Talk Affordability

A bed is a long-term investment. Buying cheap can mean having to replace mattresses quickly. That said, opulence does not have to mean paying more because you have to pay for the middleman’s commission. We offer luxurious, quality mattresses for sale at affordable prices because we make and sell our beds directly to the public, and we deliver.

With the guidelines we have given in mind, browse our exquisite selection of single mattress and base sets for sale.




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