Go Bold or Go Home!


We’ve all heard that boring guidance of don’t choose bold colours and get some throw pillows. Following the same old advice causes redecoration to lose its charm. You want to jump right into it and look for a base set for sale rather than read another piece on the latest colour scheme for bedrooms.

Of course, fear can hold you back. On the opposite scale, you want to buy that funky purple bedding, but you’re too afraid to go against the flow. You’d like to do something different and express who you are in your most intimate place in your home, but you don’t know-how. However, if you keep reading, you’ll find out exactly how you can turn your master suite into a masterpiece in no time. Here’s the best way to start: choose a base set for sale from one of our superior brands online and then follow the rest of the guidelines.

  1. Pick a base set from our for-sale selection and get decorating

We have multiple deluxe beds for sale in different sizes. They are all standard in shape and easy to customise with gorgeous headboards or footboards. Shop around for a base set with your desirable maximum weight load, size and comfort factor in mind.

You have five premia brands to choose from, including Orthopaedic, Posture Pocket, Hybrid and others. It’s always smart to find your preferred base set first and then move on to the sprucing-up process. This way it’s easier to see how much space you have to add extra furniture.

  1. The sporty single bedroom idea

Many people think if they go for a single bed with its limited decoration space, they can’t do a lot to make their bedroom stand out.

The opposite is true.

You can go even more personalised if you aren’t sharing your area with another. You get to make all the decisions, and you don’t have to worry about leaving both sides of the bed open to get in.

A super idea for showing the world your independent self is to use your thrilling hobbies as décor. Create a wall display with your best fishing rods neatly hanging on a wooden board then you don’t have to use up all the storage in your small closet for your sports gear. You can also do this with any outdoor or indoor hobby items you like. Make a statement by sharing your interests through bedroom décor.

  1. The sleek queen look

Although some might want the world to know their inner self, others may be a bit more secretive on the matter. Do you fit in the category of being neat and private, but also want to personalise your venue in a subtle yet flashy way?

Then this one is for you – buy that queen-sized base set and paint the walls a plain and simple shade. White or cream will suffice.

A fun and mysterious way to show that you are an elegant and sophisticated individual, and also have a party side to you, is by adding hidden coloured LED lights. Drape these below your bed, around the mirror and even inside the closet. It will create a modern and clean look during the day, with an illuminating twist at night. This way your regular friends and visitors will see your refined taste and only those really close to you get a glimpse of your wilder soul.

  1. All things natural theme

If you’re one for sustainable living, then you will get excited about this eco-style concept.

Find a beautiful forest mural for sale online and make your own picturesque-view dreams come true. Use thick branches for bedposts to give it that rugged and organic feel. Hang a few of your favourite pot plants from the roof or install a wall-mounted fish tank.

Everything fauna and flora goes. You can pull this off with almost any base set, whether it’s a three-quarter-, double- or king-size bed. Throw in some crystal lights to add to the atmosphere, and you’re good to go.

Feel inspired?

Then don’t waste valuable time. Download our catalogue for an overview of the base sets we offer for sale.





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