You see a mattress for sale at The Bed Shop and buy it. You know it’s made to be durable and have the assurance of a warranty and guarantee. How do you take care of it to ensure it stays in top condition?


In this article, we provide you with a basic guide for maintaining the sleep space long after the “for sale” tag has been removed. It’s easier than you think. Following the basic maintenance and care guidelines can help to keep your sleep space as good as new and prolong the period between the purchase and having to look for a new mattress for sale. Let’s get started with routine care tips.


Routine Care Extends the Period from Purchase to the Shop for a New Mattress for Sale Date


Part of taking care of your sleep space entails flipping it over when needed, making sure it has adequate support, as well as clearing the surface of contaminants and dust. Although it might seem unrelated, even changing the sheets regularly can help to prolong the time before you have to look at other mattress for sale ads. Of course, adding the right protector will do wonders in protecting the surface against stains and scratch damage.


Avoid Having to Look for Another Mattress for Sale by Rotating and Turning Over the Sleep Surface Regularly


People tend to sit or sleep in a specific spot. This leads to sagging of the sleep surface over time. In other instances, specific parts of the surface can become indented. To maintain the overall integrity of the surface, you can switch the head and foot end by rotating it. You don’t have to do this often, but once in a while will help.


  1. How Often Should You Turn Over the Mattress?


The older-type inner spring or coil-based types should be turned over every two to six months. For the newer ones we offer for sale, the recommendation is for every six months with a maximum period of 12 months between turning. According to the Sleep Foundation, you can turn the latex and memory foam types once to maximum twice a year.


  1. Know the Difference Between Rotation and Turn-Over


Rotation means moving the mattress around, so the foot end becomes the head section. Flip over or turn-over means to have the surface at the bottom of the bed become the upper layer of support. Always check the label to see which side should be used for the head section and which for the foot in the case of a no-turn mattress for sale. Also, check the label to see if it is a multi-turn or turn-free surface.


  1. Why Should You Not Flip Over and Rotate All Mattresses?


Some types should not be turned over. If it is designed for extra support for a specific zone, then you should not rotate it or turn it over. An example is the Posture Pocket Zoned Comfort double bed.


In the past, beds were designed for head-to-foot rotation, with many types also designed for flipping over. However, the modern designs mostly feature extra support layers on the one side, with the bottom section offering less support. Turning it over or switching it between the head and foot end will affect the comfort and durability of the bed. In these instances, you will always want to use the surface with the one side at the top and according to which section should be at the head.


  1. How Do You Know Whether or Not a Mattress for Sale Can be Flipped Over?


If the mattress for sale label states “turn-free”, you know it doesn’t have to be flipped over. This kind saves you effort in maintaining the surface. It’s easier to keep clean as no heavy lifting is required to flip it over.


The turn-free surface usually consists of an extra support layer at the bottom, which can be made from pocket coil springs covered in layers of supportive foam for added comfort. On top of these, you’ll find a cover section that consists of several layers of foam or other dense material to add comfort and support. On top of these is the upper cover with a specific luxury finish. If you turn this type over, you’ll have the entire support structure on its head, which will affect the durability, support, and comfort level of the sleep surface.


Regular Changing of Linen Helps to Maintain the Integrity of the Surface


Besides protecting against allergens and bacteria that could cause disease, regular washing of bedding is essential to maintain the sleep surface. Perspiration, dust, skin debris, hair, and oil from the body accumulate on the bedding. The build-up causes odours. If bedding isn’t washed regularly, the odours will be absorbed by the materials. Allergens also build up on the surface, causing discomfort for the sleeper. Bed mites can make the bedding their home and disrupt sleep.


Any bedding directly in contact with the skin should be washed at least once a week. This includes pillowcases. The pillow inners should be washed according to manufacturer recommendations. The duvet or bed spread outer can be washed once every two or three weeks while the inner should be washed according to manufacturer recommendations.


If it is high season for pollen and related allergies, then more regular washing of the bedding is necessary. For people suffering from allergic reactions, we recommend shopping for a mattress for sale with hypo-allergenic properties like the Therapaedic Superior. The multi-turn mattress comes with Purotex® luxury knitted fabric. The technology uses the amazing power of probiotics to rid the sleep surface of allergenic and bacterial properties that build up on the sleep surface. With this finish, you get a cleaner, more hygienic, and healthier sleep surface.


Extend Durability – Look for a Mattress Protector for Sale


The protector is placed on top of the mattress and covered with the fitted sheet. It forms an effective barrier between the sheets and the surface. This protects the sleep surface against bacteria, spills, dirt, body oil, debris, moisture, mites, and odour that can build up on the surface or penetrate it. The ones we offer for sale can be washed in a washing machine.

The protector has a water-resistance barrier to prevent spills from penetrating the surface, thereby preventing moult growth and stains. It also protects the surface against wear. We offer extended warranties on our beds if you purchase a protector, as it prolongs the life of the sleep surface.


Give the Sleep Surface Proper Support


With a strong foundation for the mattress, the inner structure doesn’t have to work so hard to provide adequate support to your body. Without support in place, the inner structure will suffer damage. It’s essential to purchase a base that can carry the weight of the sleepers and the mattress. To this end, we recommend purchasing one of our base sets for sale that include the mattress and the appropriate base.


Cleaning Your Mattress the Right Way


If you follow the mentioned care steps, your sleep surface will keep its structure, strength, support, and aesthetic appeal for a long time. However, from time to time, you might have to clean it. For this, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer guidelines. In most instances, a deep cleaning session once every six months will do the trick. Regular monthly vacuuming will help to dislodge debris and keep the surface clean. The best thing you can do for the surface is to invest in one of our mattress protectors, ensuring that you won’t ever have to remove stains from the mattress. See the basic steps and general guidelines for cleaning the surface:


  • Remove the bedding and wash separately.
  • Remove the mattress and pillow protectors and wash separately.
  • Connect the upholstery attachment to the vacuum cleaner.
  • Vacuum the sides and bed surface.


How to Remove Stains


The protector can be cleaned using the vacuum method. Many types can be washed. If, for some reason, the bed is exposed to a spill or accident, clean the stain with as little water as possible. Some types can never be exposed to water. For these, use the manufacturer-recommended dry powder solution and follow instructions.


  • Remove stains through slight damping and thorough blotting with the manufacturer-recommended cleaning agent.
  • Blot directly afterwards with a clean damp cloth.
  • Avoid over moistening the surface.
  • With memory foam, be exceptionally careful not to dampen the surface too much.
  • Leave the surface to dry.
  • You can put a fan on to blow cold wind over the surface to allow for quicker drying.
  • Once dry, sprinkle a bit of baking soda over the surface to absorb any foul smells.
  • Leave it for a few hours and then vacuum the area (attach the upholstery attachment to the vacuum machine).
  • Repeat the process for the other side of the mattress if the spill or urine has soaked through.
  • Where possible, use an upholstery steamer made for mattresses, but consult with the manufacturer first regarding the particular type of surface.


Where to Get a Quality Protector and Double Mattress for Sale in South Africa


Have a look at our product range. You can search according to brand or bed size. We offer several payment options, delivery throughout the country with fast delivery in metropolitan areas, and a best price guarantee. Pay less for quality and luxury double beds, whether you buy online or at one of our stores. We run regular promotions like giving you free delivery in metropolitan areas on beds over a specific price.


We make our beds and sell directly to the public, enabling us to give you superior quality and luxury beds for less because we’ve cut out the middleman. Be sure to enquire about the best way to clean the particular bed surface when you buy from us. We gladly assist to ensure your bed provides a comfortable and supportive, clean sleep surface for longer.


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