What is the Difference Between The Two?

When you browse the Internet for a mattress for sale, you are likely to come across the term “bonnell spring coil”. What does it mean?

We want you to know what you buy and gladly provide more details about the inner workings of the quality and luxury beds we manufacture. To this end, read on as we explain the Bonnell coil and pocket coil hybrid support systems, arming you with useful insight, which will help you make the right choice when you browse for mattresses for sale. Let us get started.

Bonnell Coil System

It is one of the most used systems with the longest traditions in the world of beds. The typical Bonnell spring or coil curls in the shape of an hourglass. The bottom and top sections are wider than the midsection. The inner system of the mattress consists of several such Bonnell coils, which are interconnected to create a complete mesh. This interconnection adds to the support strength as the pressure from your body weight is carried by several such coils together, giving you a comfortable support system. These coils are made from a durable metal.

However, to ensure optimal comfort, the Bonnell coil system is surrounded by layers of foam, wool, or cotton, depending on the particular mattress for sale.

Pros of this type of inner system include:

  • Durability – you can expect effective support for a long time.
  • Reliable support system as it is one of the inner spring systems with a proven track record.
  • Often one of the most affordable inner support systems.
  • Even support.

Cons of the Bonnell coil system include:

  • If not used in combination with other supportive materials, it does transfer motion, meaning you will feel the movement of your partner as the springs will respond.
  • Can cause a few pressure points when the mattress has aged a bit.

Pocket Coil Spring System and the Hybrid Mattress for Sale

Unlike the open spring system where the coils are interconnected to create a support mesh for distribution of weight carrying and the entire system creating the support, the pocket coil system consists of individual pockets of coil. These metal coils are encased within foam or other types of material pockets.

You will also notice hybrid options in your search for the best possible sleeping space. These types include a combination of pocket springs and foam to create the support. You can expect a thick foam layer, which adds to the comfort level of these mattresses.

With this type, you get the comfort and softness of the foam, as well as the support of the pocket coil system. This combination takes care of the pressure point issue often associated with only inner spring systems covered by foam, wool, or cotton outer sections.

The memory foam types respond slower to movement than the latex foam types. Both are comfortable, but memory foam creates an added plush feeling.

Pros of the Hybrid Types for Sale

A combination of foam and pocket coil system gives your body superb support and optimal comfort. The comfort level is closely associated with the type of material in which the coils are housed. If it is a high-quality material, you can expect superb ease of pressure points. These systems do not transfer movement as much as the conventional inner Bonnell coil systems.

Cons of the Hybrid types

Some types of foam are sub-standard, causing the sleep surface to sag. This means you do not get the support your body needs for a deep and refreshing sleep experience. Make sure you buy from a trusted manufacturer, offering you a luxury hybrid solution.

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