King Size Mattress Dimensions vs Queen Size: Which is Better?

The queen bed is by far the most popular choice of beds, but the king size mattress is a close runner up and for good reason – who can say no to all that space? However, bigger isn’t always better. If your bed has served you well and you now need one that can take your comfort and luxury to a new level, you’ll want to view our extensive range of beds.

With each one as superb as the next, we know it might come down to the differences between the king and the queen beds. Read on to discover the differences to help you decide on the bed that will fit your needs.


The first difference is the size. The standard king mattress measures 183 cm in width and 188 cm in length. The standard queen size mattress measures 152 cm in width and 188 cm in length. You can have either in extra length, measuring 200 cm in length. The king option gives you an extra 30 cm of width.

Price Wars

The price depends on the brand and the range within the brand. We offer several brands and luxury levels. Since we manufacture each, you have the assurance of quality regardless of which one you purchase. However, you can expect to pay more for a king size as opposed to a queen mattress of the same brand and luxury level.

Bedding Price

Here too you can expect to pay more for the bedding if you go for a larger mattress as more surface area must be covered. If the idea is to save money, then you’ll want to opt for the queen, although you can save considerably when you shop according to our promotions.

Best Fit for Lifestyle and Space

The queen is a better fit for newlyweds who enjoy sleeping close to each other, and who don’t yet have children who, on occasion, want to sleep in the bed. It is also a better fit for a single person as such a large space as offered by the king can be intimidating. Finally, the queen option is better for the smaller room.

The king size mattress is a great fit for people who have children wanting to share the bed when they’re afraid or wanting to watch television in their parents’ bed. It’s a good option if you have pets that share the sleep space with you and it’s great for couples who are heavy sleepers with larger body frames. The king is better suited for the larger room as the queen option might look lost in a very spacious room.

Best for Sprawling

If you enjoy having a lot of space around you for movement without disrupting your partner’s sleep, you’ll want to go for the mattress that offers the biggest surface. If you’re both quiet sleepers or enjoy close comfort, then the smaller surface is well-suited for your needs.


Since both beds are the same length, it doesn’t matter in your choice of bed. If you’re taller than 185 cm, do opt for the extra length to gain a bit of extra space around the head area.

Couples with smaller rooms and those with smaller physical features benefit from the queen size mattress while couples with large master bedrooms, animals, children, and heavier builds benefit most from the king size bed. The latter is a better fit for the master bedroom whereas the queen bed is well-suited for the guest room or a smaller master bedroom.

Now that you know the differences and have made your choice, shop online here for the best prices on luxury queen and king size mattresses.


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