Insider Tips on Protecting the Mattress

A bed base set is a long-term investment for your comfort and health. Keeping the mattress free from bacterial infestation, stains, and aromas will help to prolong its function, giving you a superb return on your sleep investment.

With the bed base set having to provide optimal body support and a healthy sleep environment for at least six to eight hours a day, it’s crucial to protect and clean it in the correct way. In this article, we give you the insider tips on how to do so with the focus on:

  • Mattress protectors
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Steam cleaning


How to Care for Your Bed Base Set with a Mattress Protector

Did you know that while you sleep, you lose roughly 500 ml of water per night? Where does it go? The perspiration through the skin seeps into the linen and mattress. Now considering that the perspiration involves salts and minerals along with liquid, your mattress is exposed to moisture and salts every night.

Now add exfoliation to the picture, and you start to see why the mattress needs to be protected and cleaned regularly. Although the bedding provides a first layer of protection, the underlying surface is still exposed to the liquid and skin debris. Unfortunately, microorganisms also feed on skin. If the tiny skin debris is not removed, it attracts the organisms that will make the seams their home. Pretty soon, it becomes an infested environment, causing discomfort and health hazards.

Allergens also develop with dust build-up over time. Even if the base set is located in a hyper clean room, dust and tiny particles do make their way to the sleep surface. Over time, the moisture, dust, and skin debris affect the mattress material. Trapped moisture provides the ideal environment for mould development, which is hazardous to your health.

You can prevent all this through regular cleaning of the bedding and mattress. But a mattress protector is the first defence line that can prolong the lifespan and functionality of the base set for years.


What is the Function of the Mattress Protector?

It is a type of cover in the form of a thin sheet that goes over the mattress and is placed underneath the linen. The right mattress protector is made from materials that prevent water and liquid penetration, thereby preventing spills from becoming stains on the underlying mattress. Of course, with this liquid barrier, the mattress is also protected against the moisture from your body, ensuring it stays dry for a healthier sleep environment.

The mattress protector provides a protective barrier against dust, debris, and mites. With such, you prevent allergens from disturbing your sleep. This is especially important when you have animals sharing your bed or have small kids who can have accidents at night. Bed-stricken people especially benefit from mattress protectors that can be removed and washed.


What Type of Mattress Protector is Best for Your Bed Base Set?

Choose one that is waterproof to prevent liquid spills from penetrating the underlying surface. Don’t settle for a sub-standard type as you’ll want to protect your investment. Select one that’s also dust, mite, and allergen proof with a cotton absorbent surface to prevent allergies. The ideal one allows for optimal airflow, ensuring a cooler sleeping environment. It must be breathable to allow for good air circulation. Have a look at our mattress protectors that fit the profile.


Protect and Care for Your Bed Base Set Through Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum the mattress at least once a week to remove debris, dust, and mites. Any build-up can cause mildew development along with a range of allergens. The cleaner the sleep surface, the better-quality rest you can expect.

Just as the body loses moisture during the night, it also sheds skin cells. Although the bedding does provide a barrier, some particles do make their way to the surface underneath.

Put on protective gloves before you start. Wear goggles for safety and to prevent debris or allergens from getting in your eyes.

Start by removing the linen and then vacuum the mattress protector. Remove the protector and turn it around. Also vacuum the other side. Some types of protectors can be washed whilst others require vacuum and steam cleaning. Make sure to follow the manufacturer instructions to care for the protector.

If you also have a mattress topper for more comfort, you need to vacuum it as well.

Attach the vacuum upholstery nozzle and work through the entire surface of the mattress. The seams are especially important as mites and microorganisms like to nest in the corners and seams of the surface. Check to see if the mattress can be turned before you vacuum the bottom part. In most instances, you only need to vacuum the bottom part and base set once every three to six months if the bed is fitted with a mattress protector and you regularly clean the surface.


How to Care for Your Bed Base Set with Steam Cleaning

The next level of care entails steam cleaning. Do this more often if the mattress is used by different sleepers. Steam cleaning helps to remove allergens, smells, and mites. It is an environmentally friendly way to keep the sleep surface hygienic and in top condition. A cleaner mattress provides a fresh and healthier sleep environment. Follow these tips to steam clean like a pro:

  • Remove pillows and bedding.
  • Remove the mattress protector and wash or steam clean it separately.
  • Check the mattress for blotches and stains.
  • Remove these first by working a small amount of vinegar or water with baking soda into the stains.
  • Blot rather than rub the surface.
  • Vacuum the entire surface with special care along the seams.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the surface to remove odours.
  • Let it sit for a while (at least two hours) before you remove it through vacuuming.
  • Use slow strokes and repeat the process to make sure you have removed all the baking soda and debris.
  • Using an upholstery steam cleaner with hot water, steam the top of the surface.
  • Do this slowly with the head of the attachment just above the surface without it touching the material.
  • Also steam the sides of the mattress in the same way.
  • Do not apply steam on the high dial as you don’t want to soak the surface.
  • Let the mattress sit until completely dry.
  • You can run a fan or two for optimal air circulation and quicker drying.
  • Once done, flip the mattress (make sure it can be flipped), and repeat the process.
  • You can remove the mattress to steam clean the base section in the same way.
  • Avoid using too much steam and never soak any of the surfaces.
  • Make sure the surface is completely dry before you flip it over or return the linen.


Why You Must Wash Your Bedding when You Steam Clean the Bed Base Set

It doesn’t help that you go through the trouble to deep clean the mattress and wash the protective cover and pillows but don’t wash the bedding. Make sure the bedding is washed with hot water or exposed to enough heat to kill bacteria.


How Long Does this Process Take?

It’s best to start early morning if you want to clean the bedding, protective cover, and mattress following the vacuum and steam clean protocol. The steam cleaning doesn’t have to be done weekly. Instead, you can do so every month or every three months, but at least once every six months. If you start early morning, you should be able to sleep in your bed by bedtime if you go through the whole process.


Is it Worth the Effort?

Considering that a quality bed base set will give you years of service, it’s worth taking care of it. In addition, it helps to create a healthier sleep environment. Since you’ll spend about a third of your 24-hour day using the mattress, it’s the one piece of furniture not to neglect when it comes to protection and care.


What Else Can You Do to Protect the Bed Base Set?

Regularly wash the dirty linen and invest in pillow protectors. Vacuum the surface as explained and do a steam clean once a while. Other than that, avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress for long periods as this will cause sagging. Don’t allow jumping on the mattress and add a quality mattress protector.


Where Can You Buy a Quality Bed Base Set?

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