How to Shop for Bed Sets for Sale Based on Mattress Firmness


We make and sell superior quality and luxury bed sets for less because we cut out the middleman. In addition, we offer you the best price guarantee, several payment options, and fast delivery of our best sellers to major metros. But before you view our range of bed sets for sale, read on to find out how to choose the mattress firmness to suit your needs.

We offer plush, medium firm, and firm bed sets for sale. The right one for you depends on several criteria. Let us find out more below.

Your Comfort Requirements Based on Sleeping Positions

Comfort is subjective. What is comfortable for one person sleeping on their side and another sleeping mostly on their stomach differs. A firmer mattress is better suited for the stomach and back sleeper, whereas the plush bed sets for sale are well-suited for people who sleep on their sides and want relief on the pressure points of the shoulder, hips, and joints. Medium-firm mattresses work well for combination sleepers.

At the end of the day, the way you sleep also plays a role in deciding on the firmness of the mattress. Have a look at our current promotions on base and mattress sets for sale, helping you to save money without having to compromise on the quality of the base and mattress. If you find a similar set of the same quality at a lower price, we will beat the price and give an extra 10% off.

Weight Factors

A petite sleeper is likely to enjoy a plush mattress more because it wraps around their body even if they are not heavy enough to put pressure on the mattress. Heavy sleepers do better with gentle firm and firm mattresses that push back slightly and do not let them sink in. Plush is great for partners as the foam, especially memory foam, mattresses do not transfer movement as much as firm mattresses.

Weight – Below 60 kg

Sleepers weighing less than 60 kg benefit most from softer, plush mattresses. To minimise pressure on joints, shoulders, and hips, the petite and smaller sleepers should select plush mattresses with firmness of between 1 and 6 on the firmness scale.

Weight – Between 60 kg and 110 kg

Sleepers in this weight category benefit from medium-firm mattresses from our range of bed sets for sale. These mattresses provide sufficient padding for optimal comfort whilst not giving away too much as would be the case with a plusher mattress. The weight is adequately supported, and the mattress pushes back just enough to give the right support.

Weight – More Than 120 kg

Heavier sleepers benefit from firm mattresses as their bodies give enough pressure to allow for the mattress to give way slightly around their bodies. If they choose plush mattresses, they may experience some sinking and sagging. The firmer mattress gives enough padding and cushioning without the risk of the mattress support falling away.

Other Important Considerations

If you often sit on the edge of the mattress, then you will need a firmer mattress to give enough support. Edge support is best achieved with medium to firm mattresses in the firmness scale level of 6 to 9.

Climate control is often important in warmer parts of the country. If you need more airflow around the body for cooling, then you will benefit from a medium to firm mattress. A plush mattress contours around the body. This leaves less room for airflow, creating a warmer sleep space.

For situations where two people share the bed whilst one is a combination sleeper who moves from side to back or stomach during the night, a plush mattress works well. This is so because the mattress contours around the body and is less likely to transfer motion than a firmer type.

A medium-firm mattress is best where both partners do not change positions often during the night. A firm mattress on the higher end of the firmness scale is also less likely to transfer motion similar to the plush type.

Key Takeaways

Ultimately, your preferences make the difference. Keep weight, sleep positions, whether for a single sleeper or partners, and the level of edge support required in mind when you view our promotions on bed sets for sale.




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