Many would argue that a queen size mattress set is perfect for couples or single persons. It is just slightly bigger than a double bed. These are available in the standard lengths of 188 cm and extra length of 200 cm.

A king size bed is the most spacious at 183 cm wide, and an even better option for couples, especially those who want a little more space to stretch out their limbs. However, not all rooms have enough floorspace to comfortably fit a king size bed. The extra space on the side can make all the difference.

Is a Queen Size Mattress Big Enough for Two?

If you are to assume both people will get an equal share of the bed, which is almost never the case, each body would have an area of 76 cm in width to sleep on if the total width is 152 cm. With the average male being about 42 cm from shoulder to shoulder, and the average female measuring at about 37 cm, both should hypothetically fit within their parts with space to spare.

But the reality is that not all human bodies are alike.

And even if your shoulder width shows that you have more than enough bed area left around you, it does not account for aspects like different sleeping positions, for example:

Tom might be someone with super long legs who chooses to curl up, taking more space. But Sally could be someone who stretches out both arms wide and accidentally hits him in her sleep whenever the opportunity arises.

It all depends on the individuals in the end.

Nevertheless, two people should be able to enjoy a queen size bed far better than a double. And they should have more than enough room for both to stretch if they are not going overboard.

Account for the Difference in Weight

Any bed from double and up should have information on it to show the maximum load it can carry on either side of the mattress. For instance, our Hybrid Premium queen size mattress has a limit of 140 kg per side.

Benefits of Going for Queen

The benefits of queen over king bed sets include:

  • The bed and mattress itself are less expensive, and so are sheets, duvets, and comforters
  • It has a smaller floor footprint and is easier to move in and out of rooms with low doorways
  • Has a lighter carry weight for couples who move their own furniture

That said, a king set is great for when you have young children who might have to share your bed from time to time, like when night terrors creep up on them. The 152 cm wide queen unit is also spacious. It can still fit a cat or small dog along with you and your sleeping partner, making it an excellent choice if you do not have tiny humans in your lives yet.

Luxury Queen Size Mattresses for Sale

A bigger bed can typically carry more weight than a smaller model. However, each brand manufactured by The Bed Shop has its own unique features. You can even get one that can carry a load as heavy as 150 kg per side.

The height of the bed base set is also determined by type, and so is the level of firmness. If you are content with the width of a queen size mattress, it is time to shop for the one that suits your personal needs.

Prices vary largely depending on the brand, but all our beds are superior quality and more affordable than that of other bed retailers. This is because we make our own beds and sell directly to the public. Below are a few of our many mattresses available:

Beds can be purchased directly from our store online with delivery to your house, or at the nearest The Bed Shop store. Browse our range of best sellers and beds on promotion to get the champion deals on a queen size mattress that matches your needs.


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