Let’s be real, mattress shopping is confusing. On the surface, they all look the same – square, white and bouncy. So how do you choose and how much do you really need to spend? At The Bed Shop we understand how overwhelming bed shopping can be. To help you suss it out, we’ve compiled a few handy tips to make the process less stressful.

1. What are your physical needs?

Be realistic about what you and, if you’re sharing the bed, your partner need from the mattress. Does he require an extra length bed? Do you have old sports injuries that need added support and comfort? Do you have a big family that wants to meet in your bed on Sunday mornings? It’s these small details that impact our lives and turns a simple bed into an investment for your health and family.

Our Dynamic Orthopaedic and Hybrid ranges offer various support and comfort systems to suit the whole family. Your physical needs should be taken into consideration when you’re shopping for a mattress and it’s important to shop with your partner.

2. Size matters

The size of the bed you buy could depend on the room it’s going in. Our range includes every bed size from single to king and all are available in extra length. We can also custom design and manufacture a bed to suit your specific needs and budget.

3. The materials make the mattress

If you’ve ever wondered why some beds are more expensive than others, consider taking a closer look at the materials used to manufacture the bed. The latest sleeping technology like latex and gel memory foam or bamboo and adaptive fabric finishes can add to the quality and price of a bed. For more information about our memory foam beds, read this.  The Bed Shop manufactures a wide range of quality beds using only the very best materials available. Learn more about our custom-made options here.

4. Try it out

Technology has made life so convenient. At the click of a button, nearly everything and anything can be delivered to your door within a matter of days. Our safe and convenient online shopping option offers you the opportunity to buy a mattress or bed set without all the hassle of going to a store, but at one stage or another, we do recommend going into The Bed Shop and testing a bed out. Support needs are different for everyone and the only way to figure out what works best for you is to ‘test drive’ a few mattresses with your partner. Spend at least 15 minutes lying down on both your back and side to feel what is most comfortable for the both of you. Find your nearest The Bed Shop here.

5. Consider it an investment

Buying a quality bed might be expensive now but ultimately it’s an investment in your health and relationship. Keep in mind that a good quality bed will last you several years – all depending on the quality of the mattress that you’re sleeping on.We spend a third of our lives sleeping so it’s worth considering a bed made of more advanced materials and fabrics. You’ll definitely find a bed to suit your budget at The Bed Shop and we now offer you lay-by options. Visit us in store or online today to learn more about our payment options.

6. Protect your investment

One of the biggest mistakes new mattress owners make is not protecting their investment with something as simple as a waterproof mattress cover. Stains and spills can void the warranty and are easily preventable by buying a mattress cover at The Bed Shop. The mattress cover will also help keep dirt, dust and bacteria away from your mattress and prolong its life.

7. Check the warranties

No one reads the fine print. This is nothing new, but when you’re buying an item that has to last for several years, you need to check the warranty and safely file your proof of purchase. Our exclusive range of Dynamic Bedding mattresses come with up to 12 year service warranties and covers manufacturing defects that are caused by defective workmanship or materials (T&C apply). You can also rest assured that our mattresses are SABS tested and approved. Learn more about our warranties and terms and conditions here.

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