Compare Our Beds and Mattresses: The Best Mattress to Buy for Your Sleep Needs


Considering that we’re supposed to spend eight hours a day sleeping, translating into a third of our day, four months of the year, and eventually a third of our lives, it puts the choice of the best mattress to buy into perspective. Sleep plays an all-important part in our lives as it supports our ability to function, revitalise, and stay healthy. The correct choice of bed is essential for complete rest, night after night.

To help you decide on the best mattress to buy for returning the spring to your step, we provide you with a comparison of our brands. Each brand offers a unique set of attributes, but they’re all from one trusted manufacturer with the focus of making luxury beds to support quality sleep for less. To achieve this goal, we focus on quality materials and superior craftsmanship. We also cut out the middleman to give you opulent sleep surfaces, costing less.

Available mattress brands include:

  • ComfoSleep
  • Posture Pocket
  • Orthopaedic
  • Therapaedic
  • Hybrid

ComfoSleep – Best Mattress to Buy for Children and Young Adults

The ComfoSleep Basic with its Bonnell Coil inner spring system provides comfortable support for a good night’s rest. It has a distinctive firm appearance and feel. Featuring the Bamboo® knit fabric finish, this is the best mattress to buy if you want a natural barrier against bacteria, giving young children, teens, and young adults a hygienic, cooler, and more rejuvenating and supportive night’s rest.

With its maximum weight capacity set at 70 kg, the ComfoSleep Basic is a luxury option for young people. It features a 6-month warranty for your peace of mind. The Elemental has the same features, but provides support for up to 80 kg and has the pillow-top design for an extra layer of luxurious support and comfort. It’s a superb buy with its 1-year guarantee and 5-year warranty.

Posture Pocket – Best Buy for Flexibility in Sleep Comfort

Available in Dual, Superior, and Premier Deluxe, the Posture Pocket is a luxury choice for those wanting flexibility in their sleep options.

Posture Pocket Dual Comfort

When we describe the 57,5 cm thick Dual Comfort, what comes to mind is innovation at its best. With its 2-in-1 firm feel on the one side and firm and gentle feel on the other, you can change your sleeping space to match your support needs.

The genius design that combines a Pocket Coil inner spring, covered with layers of foam on either side, makes it possible to give you two sets of sleep support. The foam on either side is what prevents movement transfer, giving a restful night’s sleep. It’s a multi-turn surface, making it possible to use either side. The Dual Comfort supports up to 110 kg on each side and comes with a 3-year guarantee and 12-year warranty.

Posture Pocket Superior

The turn-free mattress features a luxury knitted quilt finish, making it the best buying choice if you want a luxurious and breathable sleep space that can provide adequate support for up to 100 kg on either side. It features the Pocket Coil inner spring system within layered foam for comfortable sleep without movement transfer. The framed pocket with butterfly side support makes this a 53 cm sturdy sleep surface. It comes with a 2-year guarantee and 10-year warranty.

Posture Pocket Premier Deluxe

Made from high-density foam for optimal support and memory foam layers around the Pocket Coil inner spring system, the Posture Pocket Premier Deluxe provides a plush feel and superior rest.

With the memory foam layers, you have even weight distribution for maximum pressure relief, giving you a good night’s rest after a hard day’s work. It is a turn-free mattress, featuring a plush knitted fabric finish for the opulence you deserve. With the maximum weight support of 150 kg on each side, it’s a superb buyer’s choice for adults. The 65 cm thick Premier Deluxe is designed for luxury and durability, proven by the 3-year guarantee and 15-year warranty we offer when you buy this mattress.


Available in Essential, Elemental, Premium, Premium Deluxe, Supreme, Supreme Deluxe, and Superior Gel Memory Foam, this is the product to buy if you want the best body support and relief for back and joint pains.

Orthopaedic Essential and Elemental

Made from high-density eco foam surrounding the Bonnell Coil inner spring, these mattresses provide cool and fresh sleeping surfaces. The multi-turn mattresses can support weight of up to 90 kg on each side, making them suitable bed choices for young children, young adults, and people with small bone structures. They come with a 1-year guarantee and a 10-year warranty, with the Elemental featuring a thickness of 53,5 cm while the Essential has a thickness of 52 cm.

Orthopaedic Premium and Premium Deluxe

Specifically designed and made for luxury and comfortable rest, these brand products are the perfect buys if you want ongoing body support while you sleep. Both feature the layered foam design surrounding the Bonnell Coil inner spring system. With memory foam layers, the Premium Deluxe provides gentle relief from pressure because of the even body distribution characteristic. It has a breathable knitted quilt finish.

Whereas the 54 cm thick Premium offers a firm feel, the 57 cm thick Premium Deluxe gives added comfort with its gentle firm feel. Both these turn-free mattresses provide support for up to 100 kg on each side and come with our 2-year guarantee and 10-year warranty.

Orthopaedic Supreme and Supreme Deluxe

At the upper end of the luxury scale in this range, we offer the Orthopaedic Supreme and Supreme Deluxe mattresses. Both options have the gentle firm feel for a peaceful night’s rest. Whereas the Orthopaedic Supreme features the double Bonnell Coil innerspring system with layered foam and a thickness of 65 cm, the Supreme Deluxe with the same Bonnell Coil system has a height of 55 cm.

Both options come with a Bamboo® knitted fabric finish for a cleaner and more refreshing sleep experience. Both types are multi-turn mattresses, with the Supreme Deluxe having a maximum weight capacity on each side for up to 110 kg in comparison with the Supreme supporting up to 100 kg on each side. The Orthopaedic Supreme has a 2-year guarantee and 12-year warranty, with the Supreme Deluxe boasting a 3-year guarantee and 15-year warranty. Both these mattresses have extra-long lifespans.

Orthopaedic Superior – Gel Memory Foam

If you want a sleep surface that offers it all, then you’ll want to buy a turn-free mattress with the likes of the Orthopaedic Superior – Gel Memory Foam. It comes with a pillow-top mattress, giving you a gentle firm feel for a supportive and opulent sleep experience. This is possible because of the gel memory foam layered pillow top surrounding the Bonnell Coil inner.

Gel memory foam provides for optimal weight distribution support to match your body needs. It also helps to control the sleep environment’s temperature. The Adaptive® fabric quilt finish for the pillow top adapts to changes in temperature, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. It supports a weight of up to 120 kg on each side, making the 57,5 cm thick mattress well-suited for adults. We offer a 3-year guarantee and 12-year warranty on this opulent sleep surface.


We offer Elemental, Essential, Superior, and Supreme Therapaedic mattresses.

Therapaedic Elemental and Essential

For a comforting night’s sleep to revitalise your body, the Elemental is a superb choice if you want full-body support and minimal movement transfer for a deep rest. The triple-layered rebond foam core is the secret to its comfort. With a luxury knit fabric finish, the mattress gives a firm but comfortable sleep space. Made to support up to 110 kg on each side of the turn-free mattress, the 51 cm thick Therapaedic Elemental comes with a 2-year guarantee and 10-year warranty. Our Therapaedic Essential has the same features as the Elemental, with added weight support for up to 120 kg on each side. It features a 52 cm thick sleep surface.

Therapaedic Superior and Supreme – Best Mattresses to Buy for Maximum Comfort

If you want the best mattress to buy for maximum weight support and an allergen-free sleep surface, then we recommend the Therapaedic Superior and Supreme options. With the Purotex® treated luxury knitted fabric finish of both selections, you have the ultimate barrier against bacteria that can cause allergies.

The Supreme has a four-layer foam core, and the Superior boasts a five-layer core for maximum body support and minimal body movement transfer.

The Supreme has a maximum weight support of up to 150 kg, while the Superior provides weight support for up to 130 kg on each side. Both are multi-turn and come with extensive warranties. The Superior is 54 cm thick, has a Bonnell Coil inner spring (surrounded by thick rebond foam), and has a 3-year guarantee and 20-year warranty. The 59 cm thick Supreme with its gel-infused memory foam, natural latex layer, high-density foam, and quality Purotex® blue knit also has a 3-year guarantee and boasts a 25-year warranty.


We offer you the selection of Hybrid Elemental, Superior, and Premium for dynamic sleep experiences.

Hybrid Elemental

The 60,5 cm thick multi-layered, high-density foam encased mattress has a gentle, firm feel, while the knitted quilt finish is what adds the layer of luxury and ensures optimal airflow. We offer a 2-year guarantee and 10-year warranty on this turn-free mattress that supports up to 120 kg on each side.

Hybrid Superior

With a lavish feel made possible because of the luxury knitted quilt finish for a breathable surface, the Hybrid Superior also boasts a fusion of Mini Pocket Coil inner springs with the multi-layered foam encasement, also present in the Elemental model. This fusion is what gives the extra luxurious full-body support for a restful sleep. We offer a 3-year guarantee and 12-year warranty on the 63 cm thick turn-free mattress that supports up to 120 kg on each side.

Hybrid Premium

With its gentle, firm feel, it’s the best mattress to buy if you want full-body support and a dynamic sleep environment. This is achieved through the Mini Pocket Coil inner spring combination with the multi-layered foam encasement consisting of high-density foam, gel-infused memory foam, and the luxury knitted quilt finish. We offer a 3-year guarantee and 15-year warranty on this turn-free opulent sleep surface, offering support for up to 140 kg on each side.


We know exactly what goes into each product and how the components work together. That’s why we can offer you guarantees and warranties – because we make these beds ourselves. We can also guarantee service delivery because we deliver these products to your doorstep. Finally, we can guarantee luxury beds for less because we’ve cut out the middleman.

Shop here according to your brand of choice now that you know which is the best mattress to buy for your particular sleep needs. We make luxury beds to give you the best possible sleep experiences, and we do so for less because we sell directly to the public.


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