How and Where to Buy a Mattress for the Best Black Friday Deal


You spend seven to eight hours a day in bed. And if you work from home, you most probably use it as a workspace every now and then. Choosing the right mattress makes sense, but should you do so by visiting a brick-and-mortar store or buy a mattress online? How can you save money and still get luxurious comfort without compromising on quality when you shop for Black Friday specials?

Read on as we consider the two options and explore whether there is truth in the recommendation to test a mattress in-store before you buy. As an added bonus, we look at when the best time to purchase is if you want to buy a mattress for less without compromising on quality, durability, and luxury and where you can do so online without having to line up at stores for Black Friday deals.

Why is it Recommended to Go into a Physical Mattress Store to Test Out a New Mattress?

The old saying of it being wise to buy a car only once you have test driven it applies here. But that was long before you had access to thousands of reviews, expert opinions shared online, and information about products to help you make a buying decision.

A mattress is not a car. When you test-drive a vehicle, it does not take all that long to decide if it is right for you. You can test the handling on turns, acceleration, comfort level, space, and the likes.

With a mattress, it takes a bit longer than a quick sit on each bed in-store to decide whether it is the best one for you. Here, it is worth emphasising that there is no “best for all” option. The best bed for you depends on factors like:

  • Preferred sleeping positions
  • Whether you share the space with someone or have the bed to yourself
  • Your length and physical built
  • Whether or not you suffer from allergies
  • Whether or not you have back, joint, and related aches
  • The level of luxury you require
  • How long you want the bed to last

Of course, the in-store assistant has the answers at hand for information about each mattress, dimensions, firmness level, inner materials, and guarantees. But you can get the information online as well.

Then why is it recommended to visit a physical store to test out a new mattress?

Because lying down on a mattress gives you a sense of the comfort level and the true opulence of the bed. If you will share the bed, best have your partner visit the store with you, as you both need to test each mattress at the same time.

Also, photos do not do the quality products justice. Online, the mattresses may all look alike, while an in-store visit gives you the opportunity to touch, feel, lie down, and compare several beds almost like Goldilocks. More often than not, in-store promotions apply, giving you luxury for less.

What is the Downside of Testing Mattresses In-Store vs Online Shopping on a Black Friday?

The notion is that you can make a better choice once you have physically tested the bed. But in-store decisions often go hand-in-hand with haste. Too many options at once can cause confusion.

You also have to deal with the matter of privacy. You are not likely to lie down and sleep for at least 30 minutes on each bed. It matters because it will take a few minutes before you will want to turn around. It will also take a few hours of use before you will know whether the mattress meets your pain relief, comfort, and allergy sensitivity needs.

Research has shown that consumers are more likely to be satisfied with their online mattress purchases than with in-store buying. A study by the non-profit research organisation, RTI International, showed that in only 38% of instances are people who buy mattresses in-store satisfied with their decisions. The researchers concluded that in-store test driving of mattresses may even cause individuals to not choose mattresses optimised for them.

What is a Better Way to Choose a Mattress?

Access to information about each type of mattress, its dimensions, and material make-up is important. Start by making a list of what you require in a bed before you visit the showroom or buy online:

  • Length
  • Dimensions
  • Firmness
  • Durability
  • Airflow
  • Plush feeling
  • Comfort layers

Read our article on choosing the right mattress to help you buy one that meets your exact needs without having to visit a showroom. Once you know which mattress suits your needs, you will be in a better position to make the right choice whether you visit one of our showrooms or buy through our convenient online store. If you want to see and feel the products before you buy, use our store locator to find one of our showrooms near you.

Buying Online: What is in it for You?

As the manufacturers and sellers of beds, we take the middleman out. This means you save money on luxury beds whether you buy in-store at one of our showrooms or online. Our online facility offers you the following:

  • Easy navigation – shop by brand, mattress size, or base set size
  • Specials – shop for specials using the promotion option
  • Photos and full product descriptions with details of materials, finishes, and support type
  • Information about the warranty and guarantee on each product
  • Pricing information
  • Top specials and promotions to help you pay less without compromising on quality
  • Chat with an expert consultant through the WhatsApp chat facility
  • Warranties and guarantees you can trust
  • View and download a catalogue with the latest promotions, best sellers, and related products
  • Get the information you need about mattress shopping in our resource section

We offer fast delivery services on our best sellers to all major metropolitan areas. From time to time, you can expect free delivery within the major metropolitan areas and a specific delivery radius. Read more about our delivery services for online purchases here.

What Are the Payment Options?

For your convenience, we offer several payment options for your online purchases:

  • Mobicred
  • PayFast (pay with your credit card in the safest possible way)
  • Instant EFT
  • PayU

Secure payment processing services enable you to pay the way you want, giving you more options for your purchases. We also offer you lay-buy options for both in-store and online purchasing. The latter payment option is a great way to spread out purchase costs for festive season gifts, enabling you to make use of promotions, such as Black Friday specials or festive season promotions.

When is The Best Time to Buy a Luxury Base and Mattress Set and Save Money?

Luxury does not have to cost more. Make use of promotions to get better deals on quality mattresses at any of our 93 stores nationwide or through the online purchase option. Amongst the best times to shop for specials are Black Friday, the period up to Christmas, New Year, and other special days.

Black Friday

Mark the fourth Thursday in November on your calendar as the best day to buy anything, including base and mattress sets, bed protection, pillows, and bedding. It follows just after the traditional American Thanksgiving day. In the past, incredible specials were run at retail stores with people lining up from the early morning.

Fortunately, even if you cannot make it to one of our retail outlets, you can still cash in on the incredible offers at our online shopping facility.

Weeks Before Christmas

Festive season specials start earlier every year. Do not wait until the day before Christmas to buy a mattress if you want to save money. You will want to save with promotions on bestsellers, including fast delivery in metropolitan areas while the specials run.

New Year Specials

After-festive-season specials are among the best as retailers often purchase extra stock to keep their shelves packed for maximum visual appeal. The retailers run promotions throughout January, enabling you to get better deals on luxury items.

Birthday Sales

Manufacturers and franchises celebrate their birthdays with promotions. We are no different and want our customers to be just as excited about our achievements as we are.

Turn-of-the-Season and Special Day Sales

Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, in addition to end-of-season periods provide more opportunities to get luxury beds for less and still benefit from price guarantees, superb warranties, and fast deliveries.

To Wrap it Up – Buy a Mattress the Right Way

Both in-store and online shopping for mattresses have advantages and disadvantages. The secret is to buy from a supplier that is also the manufacturer if you want to save money throughout the year. Getting the perfect bed for you is possible whether you buy in-store or online.

We recommend following our guidelines in choosing a mattress that matches your sleep preferences, physical attributes, and luxury requirements. Read the product specifications of each and speak to a consultant if you are unsure about the bed’s features. Do not let the opportunity pass to save on the cost of luxury when you buy a mattress on Black Friday. See our latest promotions here.


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