Finding Quality Beds for Sale for a Happier and Healthier Life

It could be argued that beds for sale are some of the most important furniture items for any home. Sure, a lovely couch on which to unwind after a long day or a comfortable office chair are significant assets to any home, but the choice of bed is of utmost importance. We spend roughly one third of our lives sleeping, and good quality sleep has consistently been linked to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

The Health Benefits of Quality Beds

So, why all the fuss about the quality of mattress and bed? Well, subpar models not built with comfort in mind can lead to many health issues down the line. They can also significantly disrupt sleep, and this can disturb your waking hours and productivity levels, not to mention your health. Good beds equal better health. It really is as simple as that, and various studies have highlighted just how essential sleep is for health and well-being.

A fantastic quality bed has been linked to these health advantages:

Boosted Immunity: One of the most significant benefits of a good bed is the fact that it will aid sleep quality and, in turn, boost immunity. Sleep is vital for overall bodily health and provides the immune system with essential support.

Greater Joint Support: Supportive mattresses and beds also do wonders for the joints, offering ample support so as not to cause injury. This is particularly important for elderly folk or those who are prone to back, hip, and joint issues.

Better Memory and Mood: A good night’s sleep on one of our greatest tools against memory loss and can significantly enhance mental well-being. When we get enough sleep, our brains are better able to consolidate and retain information. Moreover, getting good sleep in one of our top-rated beds for sale can also boost moods and well-being, further enhancing mental health.

Better Weight Management: It might seem surprising, but better-quality sleep can also aid weight management. When we have a lousy night of shut-eye, we will often awake feeling drowsy. This can hinder efforts to engage in exercise or make healthier lifestyle choices, and over time, this can impact physical health. Moreover, a lack of sleep can lead to reduced levels of the leptin hormone, which makes us feel full, and in consequence, we’ll reach for more calorie-dense snacks.

Explore Our Beds for Sale

Here at The Bed Shop, we are passionate about incredible quality beds for sale. However, we also don’t believe that premium products have to break the break. We strive to offer our clients premium models for an affordable price, making a great quality bed an accessible option for all. We sell several top brands, many of which come with exceptionally wallet-friendly price tags. In fact, we are so enthusiastic about quality beds for a fair price that if you find something similar for a lower price, we’ll match that price and give you a further 10% off. Our top beds for sale brands include:

  • ComfoSleep
  • Orthopaedic
  • Posture Pocket
  • Therapeadic


All beds for sale are available in single, three-quarter, double, queen, and king, and clients have the option of purchasing the mattress alone or mattress and base sets.

Shop Online with The Bed Shop

If you’ve been dreaming of finding quality beds for sale and you’re looking for the best beds on the market, explore our various options on our website. You can also visit one of our many stores. For more information, get in touch with our expert team, and we’ll gladly advise you on the best beds for sale.


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