What is the Best-Priced Double Bed for Sale?

Finding the best-priced double bed for sale need not be a hassle. Each of the base and mattress sets in our collection is made from durable materials, designed for optimal comfort and priced competitively. In addition, we run regular promotions, helping you get a luxury base set or mattress that fits your luxury and comfort needs at the best possible price.

Price Guarantee

Because we manufacture the double beds for sale through our online store and various outlets throughout South Africa, we deliver the best-priced quality base sets and mattresses at the most competitive prices. This is possible because we’ve taken out the middleman, which means you don’t have to pay extra. In addition, the base sets and mattresses we offer are locally manufactured, ensuring lower cost to you.

We’re so confident in the quality and competitive prices of our products, we even offer you a price guarantee. If you can find a similar product of the same quality at a lower price anywhere in South Africa, we will beat that price and give you an extra 10% discount (terms and conditions apply).

Now that you know we offer superior-quality luxury double beds for sale at the best prices, let’s introduce you to some of these products.

Orthopaedic Elemental

If you’re looking for the best-priced mattress to sleep two people, then the Orthopaedic Elemental is the right choice. It boasts a firm feel, making it well-suited for someone who sits and works in bed. The firm feel also provides for a restful sleep. The Bonnell Coil inner spring system combined with the layered foam design provides for adequate support.

The luxury quilt finish gives it a plush feel and look, while also making the mattress breathable. It is a turn-free mattress with a design that supports up to 90kgs per side. With this in mind, opt for one of our other double mattresses if you have two heavy sleepers who will use the bed. With the 90kg per side, it is suited for light- and medium-built adults.

The high-density foam and inner coil spring system mattress measures 137cm in width, 188cm in length, and 53,5cm in height (thickness). As with most of our mattresses, you can also purchase it in extra-length size, which measures 200cm.

Orthopaedic Premium

Also ranking among the best priced double mattresses, the Orthopaedic Premium offers the same design with a firm feel for a comfortable sleep experience. It features the layered foam design and Bonnell Coil inner spring system with a luxury quilt finish for a plush and breathable mattress. The design of the turn-free mattress gives it a maximum weight capacity of 100kg per side, making it the next step up if you want a sleep surface for two that can handle slightly heavier sleepers. The mattress is 0,5cm thicker than the Orthopaedic Elemental at 54cm.

Therapaedic Elemental

If you want a superbly priced mattress that sleeps two adults and has extra weight-bearing capacity, have a look at the Therapaedic Elemental that can handle up to 110kg per side. It is also a turn-free mattress with a firm feel, but the soothing sleep experience is possible because of the triple-layered foam core. It is a superb choice if your partner is a restless sleeper as it gives full-body support with almost no movement transfer. This provides a comfortable surface to give you undisturbed sleep, regardless of your partner’s movement. It comes with a luxury knitted quilt finish and measures 51cm in height (thickness).

These are three of the best-priced double beds for sale in our range. Have a look at our promotions to get luxury base and mattress sets at exceptionally low prices without compromising on quality.

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