Whether you want a single bed for a young child, a three-quarter bed for a teenager, or a double bed for a small main or guest room, never compromise on quality. Shop for a luxury mattress for sale for less when you purchase directly from the leading independent retail bed franchise group in South Africa. Take a closer look at some of the options available below.

Single Mattresses for Sale

More often than not, people compromise on the quality of sleep space when it comes to single beds. Just because the bed takes up less floor space than, for instance, the ¾, it does not mean you should shop for the cheapest one. True, a growing child does outgrow their sleep space, but good sleeping habits start early.

If the bed provides the right support and offers a comfortable and hygienic sleep space, your child will be able to wake up every morning, feeling refreshed. Do not deprive young children of the luxury of one of our mattresses for sale. The single types measure 91 cm and are available in the standard length of 188 cm or extra length of 200 cm.

An example of quality at a lower price is the ComfoSleep Basic Single multi-turn mattress for sale. It comes with Bonnell Coil support for a firm surface and a warp-knit fabric finish with a weight capacity of 70 kg. We offer a 6-month warranty on the bed. This is the ideal sleep surface for a growing child with the Bamboo knitted finish for a cleaner and fresher sleep surface, as bamboo is one of the best natural barriers against bacteria.

Get a Bit of Extra Space with the Orthopaedic Elemental ¾ Mattress We Offer for Sale

Want just that extra bit of movement space in the bed for your growing child or perhaps for guests where you have two beds in one room? Then a ¾ bed is the answer. The Orthopaedic Elemental provides firm support with its Bonnell Coil spring system with layered foam to create a comfortable sleep space. The high-density foam is what gives this bed an extra layer of comfort while the knitted quilt finish adds the plush profile. It also creates a breathable sleep space. The turn-free mattress can support up to 90 kg on each side, making this a suitable option for most medium-built sleepers.

Optimal Comfort for One or Two with the Hybrid Premium Double Mattress for Sale

Talk about a luxurious sleep space for one or two people of medium physique and you have to consider the Hybrid Premium with its mini Pocket Coil inner spring system within the casing of multi-layered foam. This combination is what creates the perfect environment for a deep and refreshing sleep as the mattress gives support for the entire body. Because it has almost no movement transfer, your partner’s rest will not be disrupted during the night when you change from one sleep position to another. It comes with a plush and breathable knitted quilt finish. With a maximum weight capacity of 140 kg on each side of the turn-free mattress, it is a superb sleep space for two medium-built sleepers or a single heavier-built person.

These are only three examples of the quality and comfort you can expect for less when you purchase a bed from The Bed Shop. We offer each of the beds in queen and king size as well.

Choose the size, brand, and comfort level of choice. Shop by brand or bed size but do not miss out on the opportunity to save without compromising on luxurious comfort. Visit our promotions section to find selected luxury mattresses for sale at affordable prices. We offer same day delivery on our best sellers anywhere in South Africa.



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