Want to Buy a Base Set? 4 Important Factors to Consider

Choosing the right base set is essential if you want long-term enjoyment, comfort, and support from your bed. We understand the terminology and range of beds can be confusing. With confusion often comes wrong decisions. To help you make the right informed choice, we look at the basics of choosing a bed to suit your needs.

What is the Base?

It is the support structure for the mattress. Several types exist and you do not have to purchase a base if you have an adequate support structure for the mattress.

We sell the box spring type, which is made from a wooden frame, and fits the particular brand of mattress you buy from our collection. Inside the box is adequate support, which gives way slightly when you lie down on the mattress. This makes it possible to distribute the extra weight and energy from the mattress in an even way for added comfort and to help the mattress stay in tip-top condition for longer. The inner part is covered with a fabric finish that matches the mattress fabric finish.

It provides shock-absorbing functions for the mattress. For a mattress like the Orthopaedic Superior Gel Memory Foam, it helps to give the added support needed to prevent the memory foam from sinking under the weight of your body.

What Should be Your Main Considerations When Looking for a Double Bed?

Think of the base as the foundation on which the mattress rests. It is solid and supportive to ensure the longevity of the mattress. It is also for this reason that we sell base sets, making it easier for you to match the mattress of choice with the correct base.

  1. How Many People Will Use the Bed?

You have to consider whether only one person will use the bed or two. If more than one person uses the bed, choose a mattress with minimal motion transfer. This will help each of you to sleep better at night because the turning or positioning of you bed partner will not affect your sleep.

  1. Does Mattress Thickness Make a Huge Difference?

The bed’s height is affected by mattress thickness. If you prefer a bed with a lower profile, choose a bed set that features a thinner mattress. Do not confuse thickness with quality and support. The entire design of the mattress works together to give the right support and comfort levels. Rather view the specifications regarding the components of the mattress.

  1. Where Will You Place the Base Set?

If the bed is for the guest room, consider an extra-length set to cater for guests of various heights. If it is for the children’s room, you can opt for the ComfoSleep Basic double bed. It comes with a six-month warranty for the extra assurance you want. It is a superb choice for children and young adults. The mattress has a firm feel for adequate sleep support made possible through the durable Bonnell Coil inner springs. It has a Bamboo knitted fabric finish for a hygienic sleep environment, as bamboo is known for being a good bacteria barrier. The mattress is multi-turn and can support a weight of up to 80 kg per side.

  1. Length Requirements

We offer normal length mattresses of 188 cm and extra-length mattresses of 200 cm. All our double beds are 137 cm wide, giving sufficient space for two people of medium build to sleep comfortably. Choose an extra-long set if the bed users are taller than 180 cm because you still want to keep space for the pillows and ensure the feet are covered.

Shop for the perfect durable and luxury base set from our collection. Use the store locator to find an outlet near you where you can buy luxury beds for less.



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