Sleep Like Royalty: The Queen Mattress Selection at The Bed Shop

While selecting the right queen mattress might seem like making it through a maze, it’s undeniably important for a good night’s slumber, and the sheer number of choices can throw a curveball at every turn. From trying to decipher which material is best to figuring out the marketing jargon explaining the inner workings and budget concerns, the entire process can leave you drained. Luckily, the sleep professionals at The Bed Shop are on hand to guide you through our selection, making it easier for you to choose one based on your personal sleep and comfort preferences.

Sleep Like Royalty: The Queen Mattress Selection at The Bed Shop

The Secret to a Perfect Queen Mattress

Before exploring our extensive queen mattress selection, certain considerations need to be touched on.

Sleeping Style

Are you a side, back, stomach, or combination sleeper? Armed with this information, we can make sure that you select a mattress with the ideal firmness level. For example, a firm mattress will not suit a side or back sleeper as it doesn’t provide proper spinal alignment to relieve pressure points such as hips and shoulders. A firm mattress is better suited to a stomach sleeper.

Sleep Struggles

Do you tend to “run hot” when you sleep or hardly sleep because of a restless partner? A queen mattress with breathable construction and built-in cooling technology lets air flow through, giving you all-night temperature regulation. Keeping you wrapped in restful sleep while your partner wrestles with the bedding is possible with a motion isolation mattress. You won’t feel them moving around and will wake up feeling refreshed.


Do you want to spend hours mattress shopping or buy one from the convenience of home? We understand that many prefer testing the merchandise before buying it and have several stores where you can test the firmness levels and consult with a professional. Our online shopping portal gives you all the information needed for a queen mattress, including firmness levels and construction materials, making it possible to purchase your mattress from the comfort of your couch.

Top Rated Mattresses for Sweet Dreams

Now that you are aware of the factors that need to be considered when investing in a mattress, the sleep experts at The Bed Shop can expand on how our queen mattresses cater to your specific sleep preferences.

Foam Mattresses

Our gel memory foam mattresses cradle you like a cloud yet offer maximum support, contouring your every curve, alleviating pressure, and keeping your spine aligned. Minimal motion transfer makes this mattress ideal for couples. The best part about our foam mattresses is that the gel memory foam remembers your unique shape, ensuring perfect alignment no matter how you sleep.

Innersping Mattresses

Taking a leaf from the traditional yet putting our cutting-edge stamp on them, our innerspring mattresses use support coils for classic comfort and long-lasting durability. What we have done is pocketed the coils, which reduces motion transfer and subdues the noise for restorative slumber. These mattresses give you the best of both worlds, a familiar feel with modern sleep technology.

Hybrid Mattresses

Our hybrid mattresses form the complete triad – comfort, support, and breathability, making them the number one choice for restless sleepers and those who need to run less hot. We realised that by combining different materials, such as gel memory foam with innerspring coils, you get the sleep benefits you need.

At The Bed Shop, our queen mattresses are manufactured with one primary factor in mind – your sleep comfort, which you can expect from our Orthopaedic, Therapaedic, Posture Pocket, and Hybrid mattress selection.

Queen-Sized Slumber Awaits

Making sure that you wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and restored is our top priority at The Bed Shop. A queen mattress from us means that you have extra sleeping space, maximum comfort, and support, and if needed, extra length. We ensure that each mattress we produce adheres to the latest trends, manufacturing techniques, and international design philosophies for the perfect night’s sleep. It’s time to invest in one of our mattresses.

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