Bed headboard and base sets bring functionality and style to the bedroom. A quality base can last you for many years, ensuring a fantastic night’s rest and ample mattress support. Headboards also have a wide range of benefits, offering style, support, and comfort to any room. Whether you buy headboard and base sets together, or as individual products, quality is ensured when you shop with us.

Headboards, whether part of a base set or standalone products, have several significant benefits for any room. Let’s explore the pros of a quality headboard in greater detail.

  1. They Offer Great Back Support: Not only do they offer great support to your bed, but they are also brilliant if you love sitting upright in bed. Headboards transform your bed into your personal sanctuary, allowing it to become both a place of sleep and the ideal spot to sit up and read a book or check your emails. As an added bonus, they also keep your pillows in place.
  2. They Protect the Walls from Wear and Tear: Another fantastic benefit of headboards is the wall-protection factor. They prevent your wall from getting damaged by abrasions or stains, thus keeping things fresh for longer.
  3. They Keep Things Cosy: Headboards can become great insulation tools, protecting users from extreme temperatures. In the summer months, they’ll offer a barrier between warm walls, and in winter, they will serve as a brilliant insulation tool, keeping things cosy.
  4. They Add Aesthetic Appeal: Another bonus of our headboards is the aesthetic factor. Headboards can be customised to suit your particular colour and design style and add an element of class to any bedroom. Moreover, if you decide to change your colour scheme down the line, they can be reupholstered and amended as needed. Since our range boasts a neutral palette, they are also well suited to various styles.

Explore Headboard and Base Sets at The Bed Shop

We have an array of headboards and base sets available online and in our stores. We have base sets for sale in a range of sizes, such as single, three-quarter, double, queen, and king. Customers can opt to purchase them alone or with a headboard and mattress too. We also sell storage base beds for those looking to amplify their space.

Our headboards are also available for different size beds and are available in various colours and textures, depending on your chosen design style. Explore our dynamic headboard range and visit your nearest store to see them in person.

Amplify Your Headboard and Base Set with Quality Mattresses

Once you have found the perfect headboard and base set – be it for a single, three-quarter, double, queen, or king bed – it’s time to consider other essential factors. A quality mattress (built to last) is one of the best investments you can make. High-quality mattresses enhance overall health by supporting the joints and spine. Here at The Bed Shop, we have a wide range of models available for all budgets and bed sizes. We also stock several accessories, including pillows and mattress protectors, making us the one-stop shop for all your bed-related needs.

 Visit Your Nearest Store

Established in 1994, we have a wealth of insight and experience in bedroom furniture. We’ve expanded our service offerings over the years, with stores in South Africa, Zambia, and Namibia. We pride ourselves on premium design and innovation, ensuring that all products are built with functionality and aesthetics in mind. For more information on our various furniture offerings and incredible deals, visit your closest store or give us a call. We will happily discuss our various options.


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