Double Mattress vs Queen Mattress: A Comparison of Size, Comfort, and Cost

Whether you’re shopping for the master bedroom, guest room, or kids’ room, the debate between a double mattress and a queen-size mattress can often rear its head and cause some confusion. While people might look at the two bed size options and think there isn’t much difference between them, there are some pretty significant distinctions between the two.

If you find yourself in a bit of a pickle and are unable to decide what bed size you’re after, read on and learn about the differences between a double mattress and a queen mattress in terms of size, comfort, and cost. Ultimately, the bed you choose is a highly personal decision. However, this guide might help you as you traverse the intricate world of bed sizes and learn about the difference between the two designs.

The Differences Between Queen and Double Mattresses

Here are a few differences between a double and queen mattress:


Before purchasing your bed, measure up the size of the bedroom to ensure that your chosen model can comfortably fit into the space. First and foremost, the most significant difference between a double mattress and a queen mattress is the size. Double mattresses usually measure 137 cm x 188 cm, whereas queen mattresses measure 152 cm by 188 cm. Queen mattresses thus have an extra 15 cm in width, making them a more sizeable option, especially for two people sharing a bed. At The Bed Shop, all our bed sizes (including single, three-quarter, double, queen, and king) are available in standard length (188 cm) and extra length (200 cm) for those needing some extra legroom.


Once you’ve considered the size differences, it’s time to think about comfort levels. You need to think about the occupants of the bed. If it’s for a child, teenager, or single adult, then a double bed will likely suffice and offer them ample comfort and room. However, if the bed is for two adults or a sleeper who loves to sprawl across the bed and take up oodles of space, then a queen mattress is probably going to be a better bet. Comfort levels will also depend on the type of mattress you choose and not size alone.

At The Bed Shop, we stock a wide range of comprehensive mattress models available in several premium brands, including ComfoSleep, Orthopaedic, and Posture Pocket. Both queen and double mattresses are available in firm or gentle-firm options, depending on personal preference. Our mattress-finder tool is an excellent option for those who are unsure about the type of mattress firmness and style they need. Simply answer a few questions about your sleeping habits and comfort levels, and we’ll share a few products that will suit your needs. If you are able, visit one of our stores and try the mattresses out for yourself.


Since queen mattresses are more considerable than double mattresses, they will naturally cost more. When deciding on a mattress size, customers also need to consider that they will have to purchase a bed base and bedding that matches the size. Queen bedding is more expensive than double bedding since more material is used. When deciding between the two sizes, factor in your budget and crunch the numbers before making a purchasing decision.

At The Bed Shop, we believe that everyone deserves fantastic sleep, and this is why we have a range of bed models at diverse price points. We also have payment solutions for those wanting to pay their bed off over time.

Ultimately, when choosing a new mattress and bed set for sale, you have to consider these crucial factors. Always ensure that your chosen bed fits into the room (in terms of length and width), offers optimal comfort to all occupants, and suits your budgetary requirements.

Final Thoughts

The unique space, your personal comfort needs, and your budget will determine your bed type. Happily, here at The Bed Shop, we have something for everyone. As a local manufacturer of quality beds, we pride ourselves on affordable prices, quality manufacturing, and a wide array of options ideally suited to every type of consumer. Chat with us and find the best bed for your needs. Whether you opt for a queen or double mattress, quality is guaranteed when shopping with us!



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