There comes a time when your trusted single or three-quarter bed needs to be traded in for a double. Starting your journey living together as a couple begins with finding a double bed for sale that suits both of your sleeping patterns. As the biggest element in any bedroom, you need to make sure that the bed you select is ideal for the size of the room, provides both of you with ample comfort and support, and won’t cost an arm and a leg. Let’s take a moment to tackle the whole bed-buying conundrum and gain a better understanding that when it comes to buying your double bed, you should never compromise on quality.


Double Bed for Sale: Guidelines to Help You with Your Selection

This may seem like a moot point; however, it can make a huge difference to a perfect night’s slumber for two. If you did some research before taking the plunge on investing in a double bed for sale, you may have been overwhelmed with technical specs, such as innersprings, coils, gel memory foam, and hybrid mattresses, to name a few. And that’s just the mattress. What about the base? Here are a few basic guidelines to follow, making it easier for you to whittle down your choice:


  1. What Size is a Double Bed?

The standard size of a double bed is 188 cm long and 137 cm wide, making it a suitable option for couples or individuals that enjoy the extra sleeping room.


  1. Will the Bed Fit Comfortably in your Room?

Having your eye on king- or queen-size beds is all well and good, but will they fit into your bedroom? In today’s modern age, convenience is at the fore, with many selecting to live in secure communities, such as townhouses and complexes, with the downside of smaller living and sleeping spaces. Measuring the dimensions of your room so that it can comfortably accommodate your bed and other furniture, such as bedside tables, is important before deciding on the bed set you want.

  1. What Type of Mattress is Better for Two?

Selecting a double mattress based purely on technical specifications may suit one but might not be the best option for a couple. Considerations such as sleeping positions, weight, shape, and body temperature make a difference. Also factor in that one may be more of a restless sleeper than the other. For example, multi-layered foam core mattresses have the distinct advantage of providing reliable body support and minimal movement transfer.


  1. Do you Want a Solid Base or One that Offers Additional Functionality?

The base is just as important as the mattress you select. It should be solidly constructed to prevent sagging, be strong enough to hold the mattress and handle the weight of a couple, and enhance the aesthetics of the room. Base sets that offer additional functionality, such as storage and sleeping preference adjustability are not only space saving but also add a touch of elegance.


Where to Buy a Double Bed for the Perfect Night’s Slumber

Why spend hours going from store to store or selecting imported products online when you can get a double bed for sale from us at The Bed Shop. Unlike other retailers, we decided to tackle the bed industry head-on by following a unique approach – in-house manufacturing. Through this strategic decision, we achieved a two-fold benefit: guaranteeing exceptional quality while simultaneously enabling us to offer our superior products at highly competitive prices. By investing in our own manufacturing facility, we can consistently maintain exceptional quality and efficiency in servicing each customer’s needs. After all, who better to understand the specific requirements of South Africans than a company that is proudly South African.


Turning Your Bedroom into a Haven

We are at the forefront of sleep innovation, integrating cutting-edge technology into our manufacturing. Each bed is crafted with care and expertise, seamlessly blending modern trends. Without having to source any materials externally, we give you the biggest advantage, which is exceptional value for money without ever compromising on durability, longevity, and quality. But we didn’t stop at beds. We understand that your bedroom is more than a bed, it’s a complete haven of tranquillity. Therefore, we have ensured that our locally manufactured range includes headboards, blanket boxes, and more to give you everything you need for a stylish and restful retreat.

At The Bed Shop, we have made it easier to shop for one of our beds through our convenient online shopping portal and with nationwide shipping, we will see to it that your single, double, queen, or king bed is delivered to your door. Wherever you live in South Africa, you will soon have the bed set of your dreams.

Please note that all information is applicable to the date of publishing. All rates are subject to change. Ts & Cs apply.

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