A queen bed for sale is a brilliant option for those wanting more space than a double or single bed provides. Rumour has it that the famed queen-size bed was invented by Queen Elizabeth I (though the historical records still need to be more specific on this one.) Regardless of the origins, the fact remains that these beds possess an air of royalty, offering sleepers ample space in which to relax and unwind.

The Benefits of Getting a Queen Bed for Sale

So, why might consumers choose a queen bed for sale when designing their dream bedroom? Let’s explore the myriad benefits below.

  1. Provides Sleepers with Ample Space

When you opt for a queen bed for sale, you’ll naturally enjoy more space than a single bed, a three-quarter, or a double. Queen-size mattresses are usually 152 cm x 188 cm, and extra-length models are 200 cm in length, making them an excellent choice for people who want even more wriggle room. Queen-size beds generally work well in rooms that can house double beds and are ideal for two adults sharing. They’re also a perfect solution if you have furry friends or little ones who like to hop on the bed.

  1. Bed Base Storage Options Available

Many of our queen-size bed base sets are available as storage bases. This is a fantastic space saver for those who want to maximise empty space. Store a range of items and accessories beneath the queen-size bed, including shoes, seasonal outfits, handbags, sports equipment, guest linen, towels, and so much more.

  1. Comfort and Choice Galore

The extra space, coupled with our incredible mattresses, makes for a dreamy and plush sleeping experience. All our queen-size mattresses for sale are available in our premium ranges, which include:

We also have many queen bed for sale options on promotion, allowing customers to enjoy all the perks of queen-size comfort without having to break the bank.

Nonetheless, before choosing a queen bed for sale, it’s essential to consider the following:

  1. Measure the size of your room to make sure that a queen size bed will fit in the space. If you want to add bedside tables onto either side of the bed, you’ll need to ensure that these can fit easily.
  2. Consider who will be sleeping on the bed and ensure that it can carry the necessary weight to support them. Each of our models stipulates the maximum weight capacity.
  3. Consider extra-length models if you, your partner, or your guests are taller than average. The extra-length bed is 200 cm/2 meters long, offering taller people greater comfort and space to stretch out and relax.
  4. Measure all the necessary door frames to ensure that the bed can easily fit through the doorway – this is particularly true if you’re purchasing an extra-length queen bed for sale.


Explore Our Exciting Bed and Mattress Range

If you are ready to up your comfort game and revel in the wonders of a queen-size bed, then it’s time to explore our incredible offerings at The Bed Shop. We’ve been in the business of beds since 1994 and now trade across South Africa, Zambia, and Namibia. We pride ourselves on quality mattresses and beds in various firmness levels, styles, and price points so that all our customers can enjoy high-quality sleep. We also stock a brilliant range of bed accessories, including headboards, pillows, mattress protectors, and storage bases. For more information, contact our team or find your closest store and test out our mattresses for yourself. Let us be your one-stop shop for the perfect night of sleep.

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