Growing kids require a quality single mattress to enjoy a good night’s rest. Since they’re still growing, it’s imperative that they sleep well as the body rejuvenates and grows during sleep.


Young growing kids need even more sleep than adults. The Sleep Foundation recommends at least ten hours of sleep for kids in the 3 to 5 age group with at least 8 hours sleep for children in the 14 to 17 years age group. Countless studies have shown that quality sleep and enough of it are essential to improve memory, concentration, emotional well-being, and energy levels. To give your growing child the best chance for quality sleep, start with the most important part – the right bed.


You’ll be glad to know that every bed for sale from us meets the requirements for quality, durability, and superb support. We manufacture and sell our luxury beds directly to the public through our own stores throughout South Africa at affordable prices. Every brand in our portfolio meets our high standards, giving you the assurance that no matter which bed you purchase from our collection, it’s made to provide superb support.


Below are factors to consider when shopping for a single mattress.


Single Mattress Firmness


Spinal alignment is essential during sleep, especially for a child whose spine is growing as they grow older. A single mattress that’s too soft cannot provide sufficient support for the correct alignment of the spine. A too-firm sleep surface is uncomfortable and causes pressure on the joints. If the sleep is uncomfortable, the child will not get sufficient rest. The recommendation is to opt for a medium-firm sleep surface for growing kids.


The medium-firm surface is also important during the day as the child will use the bed as a play surface, spend time sitting on it while reading, and more.

When Was the Last Replacement?


Your child is growing in height. In addition, the child gains weight over time. A bed that was suitable three years ago may no longer be able to carry your child’s weight. Measure weight and length before you shop for a bed as your child might still look the same to you, but in three years’ time, you can bet that the child has become taller and heavier. During the first ten years of your child’s life, you will need to change their beds every three years, while for their teenage years, you need to do so every five years.


Allergies and Health Issues


Is your child prone to allergic reactions? If so, consider buying a single mattress with hypoallergenic properties to prevent mites, dust, and bacterial build-up from causing discomfort. This is also important if your kid suffers from asthma or a related condition. A mattress that contains memory foam will help for allergies.




Children often drink fluids on their beds. They can also have bladder accidents. Give your kid a hygienic surface to sleep on by investing in a mattress protector to prevent spills from penetrating the bed’s materials.


Sleep Position


Consider your child’s favourite sleep position. If your kid sleeps mostly on their side, you need a medium-firm sleep surface. If the child prefers sleeping on their back, consider a firmer surface.


Visit one of our stores and speak to our experts should you need help in choosing the right single mattress for your child. Search by mattress size to find one perfect for your child’s needs. You’ll notice that we include the dimensions and features of each bed in its description, helping you to make an informed buying decision.


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