Advice on Choosing the Right Bed Base


A poor-quality bed base can completely ruin the chances of getting proper sleep at night. Just like the type, thickness and size of the mattress matters, so does the base. There are multiple options out there to choose from, and thus it is necessary to know what it is that you require in terms of style, size and comfort.

If the mattress and base don’t fit well together, your resting time can still be hampered – even if you have an expensive bed. However, knowing how to pick out the correct pieces that go together like toast and butter, can change your life for the better. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Purpose of the Bed Base

It isn’t uncommon for folks to decide on purchasing a mattress before getting a proper structure for it to be placed on, but it’s crucial to not wait too long before completing the set. If you’re currently placing your sleeper directly on the floor, you should urgently get the sleeping space upgraded. Having the bed directly on the floor could cause your mattress to gather a lot of dust, and that’s detrimental to your health. It also opens up the possibility for you to get cold at night, which definitely isn’t the most desired way to sleep. A base provides a way to keep the mattress cleaner and provides space between you and the cold floor.

So Many Choices

If you own a proper base set, then your mattress will give better support and stay luscious for longer. Thus, it’s imperative that you know what sort of bed base you‘re buying and why. There are solid, slatted, and sprung types, as well as combination units. With a solid unit, you’re sure to have even support all the way through your bed, but it might cause you to have inadequate airflow problems. To fix the airflow issues, you can simply go with a solid slatted set. The sprung units are a more luxurious option for enough air to flow through, as well as to offer flexible support.

Pay Attention to Size Charts

If shopping for sets in-store, take a measuring tape along to determine whether or not the particular base will fit in your room. It’s also not a bad idea to write down the floor size of your bedroom. When browsing products online, you unfortunately can’t physically see the size, but you can read the specifications. Don’t skip this step. It can make a difference if you haven’t paid enough attention to the details, and end up with a base that’s a lot smaller than you imagined. Use your tape at home to determine the approximate size of the potential unit you want to buy. Take measurements of all the doors and hallways en route to the bedroom as the furniture needs to fit through.

Find a Reputable Supplier

If you have established what it is you’re interested in, then it’s time to search for a store that offers your dream base set. Never settle for less. You’ll find your dream set at the right seller. Keep purchases within your budget, but don’ go for the cheapest choice solely for price. If the quality of the set is mediocre, then it won’t be long before you have to take out more money anyway.

Where to Buy?

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