How to Choose the Best Beds in South Africa to Reduce Back Pain


Sleep should rejuvenate, not hinder your ability to function. If you suffer from constant back pain, you might be tempted to consider a firm bed as the best choice. Newsflash – firmness has nothing to do with the best beds in South Africa. Choose a sleeping space that fits your needs and you’re on the right track to give your back the support it needs at night.

But how do you know which one of the beds available from suppliers in South Africa will help to support your back?

Read on as we walk you through the most important considerations in choosing a bed to help you get a comfortable night’s rest. In this article we look at 7 things for your consideration:

  1. Best beds for spinal alignment.
  2. Why you need to change beds.
  3. Why bedding matters.
  4. How your position affects your rest.
  5. How the sleep environment affects rest.
  6. Why the correct mattress length counts.
  7. Why you need a mattress that supports your body weight.


  1. Best beds in South Africa to provide adequate back support: Align the spine

Sounds obvious, but according to medical experts, posture is important for neck and lower back support. This is not only when you sit, stand or move around – how you sleep also affects your spine alignment. A truly supporting mattress enables muscle and ligament relaxation. An overly firm mattress doesn’t give your body the support it needs to relax.

A recent study with a sample group of 268 participants showed that people suffering from lower back pain have the lowest quality sleep on hard mattresses. The opposite is also true. If the mattress is too soft, your body sinks away into the softness, but there is nothing to give support. As a result, the muscles stay tense to support your body weight.

The ideal firmness for back support depends on body shape and weight. It’s been stated that someone with wider hips can benefit more from a less firm mattress, while a person with a narrower hip structure benefits more from a slightly firmer mattress.

The conclusion is that a medium-firm mattress, featuring memory foam is the best choice when in doubt. The downside is that the foam can trap body heat, making it a slightly warmer sleep. Here the secret lies with choosing a quality memory foam or hybrid mattress that provides for a firmer feel.

The Orthopaedic Premium, for instance, has a Bonnell Coil spring and foam in layers combination. This design provides for adequate support while the high-end knitted quilt finish provides for a feeling of opulence. It’s a turn-free mattress.

  1. Change beds and mattresses regularly

No, it’s not sales talk. A new bed every few years can do wonders for body support. A study performed on a small sample group by the Oklahoma State University showed that people tend to suffer less from lower back pain related to sleeping surfaces when they sleep on newer beds.

The results of the study performed over a period of 28 days on a sample group of 62 persons who complained about lower back pain concluded that older beds may not provide the required support. The average mattress age was recorded as 9,5 years, which led the researchers to conclude the timely replacement of mattresses can be significant in improving sleep quality. The bottom line here is – it’s best to replace your beds every few years.

Start by browsing the range of mattresses and base sets at a trusted supplier of quality beds in South Africa. An example being the Dynamic® Therapaedic range of beds for sale in South Africa. These come in various sizes to support different weights. This range has the following best characteristics in common:

  • Feeling of firmness – providing for a deep and comforting sleep.
  • Triple-layer foam inner – full-body support.
  • Minimal transfer of movement – giving peaceful sleep experience.
  • Breathable knitted finish for a plush feel.
  • Durable mattress for better body support for longer.
  1. Bedding matters – it is not just about the best beds in South Africa

The pillow type matters for the optimal sleep position and comfort. The way you position your head makes a difference. If your neck is without support, you cannot expect your muscles to relax. Instead of a good night’s rest, your body strains to provide head and neck support. Test the height of the pillow. If it’s not high enough to provide support, add a second pillow, but don’t overdo it. If your neck is at an angle the entire night, you can expect it to feel sore the following morning. Choose from a wide range of quality pillows to complement your mattress for a comfortable sleep.

If you sleep on your back, choose a pillow to take up the space between the neck and the mattress. Avoid having to place a pillow under the shoulders for support. Use a thinner pillow for this sleeping position. Try out a memory foam type pillow for adequate support.

For stomach sleeping, go without a pillow or use a thin pillow.

If you sleep on your side, choose a firmer pillow for the head and a thin one to place between the knees.

  1. Your position causes hurt or promotes rest

Even when you buy one of the best beds in South Africa, sleeping in an uncomfortable position will cause strain. If you constantly have to twist your body to sleep comfortably, you are more likely to put pressure on the spine. This can lead to stiffness and worsening of your lower back pain. The Sleep Foundation recommends the following:

  • Sleep on your side while bending your knees slightly to provide balance.
  • Add a small pillow between the knees to increase the comfort factor.

But what if you sleep on your stomach or back? It’s difficult to change sleeping habits formed over many years. The good news is that you don’t have to start changing in now. Of course, if you do, you will benefit from pain reduction. But if habit changes are not for you, follow the Sleep Foundation’s recommendations:

  • Put a thin pillow under your head if you sleep on your stomach and add a pillow under the abdomen and hip area to prevent your lower back from dropping off into the mattress, which can cause misalignment of your spine.
  • If you sleep on your back, put a pillow under your legs and lower back area to mimic the curve of your spine for reducing pressure on it.
  1. Sleep environment affects rest quality

Steps such as relaxation before going to sleep, reduction in caffeine or alcohol intake, and steps to prevent sleep disruption can help to improve sleep quality. The temperature of the room, immediate bedding temperature, air circulation, light in the room, and surrounding noises can all affect how well-rested you feel in the morning. Choose a mattress that provides adequate support, gives enough airflow, and doesn’t cause excessive heat build-up.

  1. Shop for beds of the correct length in South Africa

If your feet dangle off the end of the bed, you will not have a comfortable sleep. You want a bed that matches your length. Measure your length and allow for extra space since you don’t sleep with your head right at the top of the mattress. To this end, shop at suppliers who offer standard and extra length beds.

Write down the bed length. Create a sleep space with the ideal pillow, and then ask a family member to mark on the measuring tape where your feet are located on the sleep space. Now add five or so centimetres to ensure you have the ideal length. With that in mind, you can shop for the best beds in South Africa that fit the length requirement.

  1. Body weight support – choose a mattress that can support your weight

Every product has a maximum load capacity that it can handle. If you choose a mattress only able to support a weight of up to 80 kg then you cannot expect it to provide adequate support. If you weigh close to 80 kg or just over it, still go with a mattress that provides support for up to 100 kg. Not only will it last longer if rated for the right maximum weight, but it will also give you the actual support you need to reduce back pain related to sleeping surfaces.

To wrap it up

The best beds in South Africa for people suffering from lower back pain are ones that provide effective body support. Instead of choosing an overly firm mattress, select one suited to your sleeping position, length and weight. When your mattress is older than seven years, it’s time to shop for new beds. Create the right sleep environment to eliminate disruptions and ensure you get sufficient airflow. Choose the right pillows and take care where to place them.

Most important – visit a medical professional to find out if there is an underlying cause for your condition. Other than that, give your body the supports it needs with the best beds in South Africa as available from us. Use our convenient online shopping facility to find mattresses to meet your needs.






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