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Are you looking for a double bed for sale that is both affordable and luxurious? You found it. See our Orthopaedic collection online. We offer you many choices from this brand to meet your luxury, comfort, and sleep needs, and you pay less because we make and sell our products directly to the public. Here’s an overview of the beds in the Orthopaedic range:

7 Types of Orthopaedic Beds for Sale

Our double mattresses and base sets are 137 cm in width and 188 cm in length, except for the extra-length options, which are a full 12 cm longer.

Essential – The interior consists of Bonnell Coil springs and layered eco foam, creating firm body support. It’s a multi-turn mattress completed with knit fabric, and it has a maximum weight load of 90 kg per side. This is an excellent choice for youngsters or other lightweight individuals. The mattress height is 52 cm, and it comes with a 1-year guarantee, as well as a 10-year warranty. It’s also the best priced of the Orthopaedic range, which makes it perfect for first-time buyers.

Elemental – Another firm-feel sleeper, the Elemental boasts the same inner materials as the Essential, but this time featuring a turn-free mattress. Furthermore, the warranties and guarantees are equal, and so is the weight limit. However, the height varies slightly, as the Elemental mattress is 1,5 cm thicker. With a knitted quilt finish, the mattress allows for proper airflow. You pay slightly more for the added comfort.

Premium – For a mere few rands extra, this double bed for sale adds 10 kg in weight capacity, bringing it to 100 kg per side. You also gain an extra year on your guarantee, as well as an increase in mattress height to 54 cm. This type is the first of the mentioned mattresses with the extra-length option available, which brings the length to 200 cm. It’s a great choice for guest rooms where you’ll cater to visitors of varying heights.

Premium Deluxe – Those seeking even more value for their money can opt for the gentle firm feel Premium Deluxe double bed for sale. The inner materials also include the Bonnell Coil springs, but now with memory foam layers in the mattress. Memory foam takes on the shape of your body, creating exceptional support catered to every person’s particular build. It’s another one in the Orthopaedic range that comes with the extra-length option, and it has a thickness of 57 cm.

Supreme – These beds offer even greater support with Double Bonnell Coil springs and a height of 65 cm. The Supreme mattress finish is made of Bamboo® knit fabric, which gives the product natural protection against bacteria. The added two years to the warranty from the previously mentioned models make it a preferable investment to those who are keen on durability.

Supreme Deluxe – If you’re interested in an exceptionally durable base set and mattress for sale, then this one is for you. Our Supreme Deluxe mattresses are sold with a 3-year guarantee and five times that in warranty. These sets are 55 cm thick, with a capacity of 110 kg per side. This double bed offers a multi-turn mattress like the Essential option.

Superior Gel Memory Foam – It’s the last on the list for the Orthopaedic range, and also the most lavish of the series. The mattress is fitted with a gel memory foam layered pillow top, which also changes to the form of your body, like the normal memory foam, but with additional advantages. This material helps the mattress regulate temperatures for the ultimate soothing sleep. If that isn’t enough, the fabric used on the outside is an adaptive material, which reacts to any changes in temperature. It’s also more suitable to larger patrons than any of the other products in this range, as it can hold up to 120 kg per side.

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