New Orthopaedic Mattress to Support Your Back

If you suffer from back pains and body aches, you most probably have to twist and turn during the night to change positions often in an effort to bring about pain relief. Countless studies have been done to determine the effects of sleep deprivation and the results all indicate symptoms ranging from fatigue to poor concentration, irritability, and brain fog, to name only a few. Sleep deprivation can be expected if you have to toss and turn throughout the night. The solution lies with an orthopaedic mattress.

Get an Orthopaedic Mattress Now and Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Spoil yourself this Christmas with a new bed to support your back and regain life quality by purchasing a luxury orthopaedic mattress. Even if you have missed every Christmas special, you can still purchase a belated Christmas gift for yourself or the perfect present for the new year – a base set with all the features to support your back.

Where to Get It at the Best Price

Do not miss out on the opportunity to buy the “New Look” Orthopaedic Supreme Deluxe base set as the latest edition to our product portfolio at The Bed Shop. It comes in Queen size, giving it the following dimensions: 152 cm in width by 188 cm in length and 40 cm in height. It is available as a base set with a 3-year guarantee and 15-year warranty, indicative of the durability and quality of the bed set.

The Orthopaedic Supreme Deluxe is as luxurious and body supportive as it gets. It offers a plush comfort level. But what sets it apart from other mattresses is the 45 mm high-density rebond foam pillow top resting, which rests on the unique combination of normal Bonnel and a mini Bonnel inner spring system, encased in foam that comes with extra-strong side supports.

It is the unique combination of layered foam, bolstered side supports, and normal and mini Bonnel springs encased in the foam that provides for a dynamic sleep experience. Your entire body is supported throughout the night. With almost no movement transfer, your partner will not even notice if you have to change position during the night. To complete the picture, this turn-free orthopaedic mattress that supports up to 150 kg on each side, comes with a plush, breathable knitted quilt finish.

What Role Does the Mattress Play?

Now knowing that you can get a quality orthopaedic base set to support your back, let us pause for a while to consider why a good sleep position and the right mattress matter when it comes to back support.

For starters, sleep is essential for re-energising the body. It is also important for healing and relaxing the body’s muscles and the back. If you lie in an uncomfortable position with incorrect back support from the surface on which you sleep, the muscles will need to work throughout the night. You will hardly get rest and instead of waking up refreshed, you will get up with back and muscle pain.

The best orthopaedic mattress is one that provides adequate support without adding force to pressure points, such as the hips, shoulders, knees, and neck. It is a mattress that contours to your body’s natural curves and provides sufficient support to ensure your spine stays aligned.

Sleep Position and Your Back

Even if the mattress provides superb orthopaedic support, your sleep position can still cause back pain. To get the best value from a luxury base set, such as the Orthopaedic Supreme Deluxe, it is important to align your ears, hips, and shoulders while you sleep in a position and when you turn during the night.

If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, you need a flat pillow for the head and should consider placement of a pillow between your pelvis and stomach to help maintain better alignment of your spine.

To prevent your upper legs from causing misalignment of the spine and to reduce the stress experienced by the lower back area, add a pillow between your knees. You can also add a small pillow under your waist area and make sure the shoulder does not rest on the head pillow.

It is natural to turn once or twice to get to a comfortable sleep position, but make sure to turn all at once. The entire body should turn rather than just one part. When rolling over, pull your knees upwards towards your chest and tighten the abdomen to ensure a controlled and aligned roll.

Align Your Pillows for Optimal Body Support

Apart from purchasing an orthopaedic mattress for better sleep support and following the spine alignment tips in positioning your body, make sure your pillows provide the right support for comfortable sleep. Although barely noticeable, your neck curves ever so slightly forward when you are in an upright position to carry your head’s weight. It is essential to maintain this slight forward curve when you sleep as well. With this in mind, choose a pillow that facilitates the natural curving, based on your preferred sleeping position.

A too high pillow can cause your neck to bend forward too much or at an uncomfortable angle to the side. Any position like this will add stress to the back, shoulder, and neck muscles. You might even wake up with severe neck pain in the morning. In addition, the unnatural position of the neck can lead to difficulty in breathing. In turn, this can lead to excessive snoring, which can interrupt your partner’s rest and the quality of your sleep.

A pillow that is too low will cause the neck muscles to work overtime in supporting the head. You can expect sore neck muscles and might even wake up in the morning, feeling as if you did not get enough rest.

What is the Correct Pillow Height and Size?

When you buy a pillow, you need one that provides optimal neck and head support if you sleep on your side, and that provides support for the shoulders if you sleep on your back. The height depends on your sleep position and body size. As a general guideline, the pillow should be able to maintain the height at around 10 cm to 14 cm (depending on your body size and sleep position). The head pillow should provide adequate head and neck support and facilitate the natural curving of your lower back and neck.

Our Range

We offer a range of pillows to go with the orthopaedic mattress of choice. These include:

  • Essential
  • Premium
  • Deluxe
  • Luxury
  • Premium Luxury


The pillow has a soft quilted cover, micro fibre filling, and a superb health support profile as it comes with a silica coating that prevents dust mites and bacteria build-up or infestation. The coating also makes it more durable. This a superb choice if you are prone to allergies.


The pillow contains 50% memory foam chips and 50% ball fibre, and a soft and luxurious quilted cover. It is also hypo-allergenic, making it a suitable choice if you are prone to allergies.


It is a genuine latex pillow, which also means that it provides superb resistance against mildew and dust mites. In addition, latex is known for excellent support, making this a great choice if you are prone to allergies and want the perfect pillow to go with an orthopaedic mattress for the right body support. It features an elegant soft quilted cover, consists 100% of latex inner, and is so durable that we give a 3-year guarantee on it.


Featuring a soft, luxurious cover and 100% virgin memory foam inner, this is the next step up if you want superb support and relief of pressure points. The pillow also comes with a 3-year guarantee.

Premium Luxury

You do not get more luxurious than this pillow. It is also the epitome of pillows when it comes to ergonomic support with its 100% gel-infused virgin memory foam inner and luxury cover. The gel infusing adds a thermal aspect to the pillow for more comfort. In addition, this ensures perfect support for optimal alignment. The pillow also comes with a 3-year warranty.

Shop for the best pillows to provide orthopaedic support here. Also consider purchasing a protective pillow cover to provide the necessary protection against spills. Add an extra layer of protection to the mattress as well with a mattress protection cover.

Key Takeaways

A good night’s rest is just as important to your body as it is for your mental and your emotional well-being. Give your body the rest that it deserves with a mattress that provides the right support and pillows to complement the support offered.

You can experience the right support because we make it our business to understand what is needed for you to get a good night’s rest, night after night. Spoil yourself. Buy the Orthopaedic Supreme Deluxe base set, whether it is for this Christmas or as a New Year’s resolution to better sleep.




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