People often mistake firmness or plush referring to the support a bed provides. However, the firmness has to do with comfort rather than support. The inner combination and types of coils, foam, and materials of the beds for sale relate to support.

Firm and plush refer to comfort. But before you jump right in to look at our range of beds for sale, let us help you decide which mattress will work best for you based on your sleep position.

Plush Beds for Sale – When to Buy and When to Avoid

These types of mattresses feature extra layers of padding, giving relief for pressure points, such as the shoulder, hip, and joint areas. That said, plush is not the best option if you have back issues, since the softness can aggregate rather than provide the comfort needed in this instance.

Stay clear of these mattresses if you are one of the heavier sleepers. The plush mattresses can sag underneath the weight or bottom out. You will not have adequate comfort throughout the night.

Also avoid choosing plush mattresses for sale if you prefer sleeping on your back or stomach. Your body will be cradled too much, and you could wake up at night due to discomfort. Likewise, if you often switch from your side to your back or stomach, rather go with a firmer mattress, as it can become difficult to switch from one position to another.

Choose this type of mattress if you have a petite physique, as the mattress will cradle around your body, giving you optimal comfort and alignment.

It is also the mattress to choose if you are a side sleeper and want to prevent having to toss and turn at night to get relief from the pressure on your shoulders, joints, and hips.

With little to no motion transfer, depending on the type of plush mattress you choose, it is the ideal choice if you share a bed with your partner. You will not feel when they turn or move, giving you a restful sleep.

Plush mattresses are well-suited for people in the older age groups with less body fat around their bones. With no pressure on joints, the shoulders, and hips when side sleeping, these mattresses offer exceptional comfort for low body weight sleepers.

Finally, choose the plush mattresses if you want a feeling of luxury.

Firm Beds for Sale – When to Avoid and When to Buy

Firm means the mattress falls in the range of 7 to 9 on the firmness scale, with 10 being extremely firm. The surface is flat and provides an even sleeping space. The mattress pushes back against the body rather than wrapping around it.

Avoid firm mattresses if you fall in the category of a petite sleeper, as you can experience some pressure on the shoulder, hip, and joint areas. It is also not the best option if you prefer sleeping on the side.

Choose a firm mattress if you sleep on your stomach and back, as the surface will give adequate support and prevent your lower back from sinking into the bed. Also choose it if you are a heavy sleeper, as you will be able to put enough pressure on the mattress to ensure optimal comfort. If you suffer from chronic back pain, rather opt for a medium-firm mattress.

Where to Find Firm and Plush Beds for Sale

Shop according to bed sets or mattresses or visit our promotion offers for specials on luxury beds for sale, for less. You will see that we provide details about each mattress, helping you to make an informed buying choice, right for your sleep preferences and size.

Order online or visit one of our many stores around the country. We offer fast delivery on our best sellers to the major metro areas and give you a superb price guarantee.


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