Luxury doesn’t have to cost more, yet, in modern society, it does because manufacturers produce products, which are then shipped to wholesalers, from where the items are shipped to retailers who also put up their markup. Each supplier added to the chain means a higher price on the product. The Bed Shop is different. We sell the beds we make directly to the public, cutting out all the suppliers in the chain. This means you save, enabling you to afford top-of-the-range opulence for less.

Our Story and How it Enables us to Offer Luxury Beds for Sale for Less

Our story dates back to 1994, when we first established as a division of Dynamic Bedding (Pty) Ltd, which manufactures every product we sell through our website and at our stores. Now just over a quarter of a century later, we have built a large network of stores throughout South Africa and have expanded our operations to Zambia and Namibia. With a proven track record of caring about the most important product you can buy, we have developed a reputation for excellence over the years.

Your sleep comfort is our focus and that’s why we research, design, and manufacture base and mattress sets to meet your comfort and luxury needs. But to make sure you can save on luxury and comfort, we manufacture locally and cut out the middleman. Each saving is given through to you, enabling us to produce superior-quality beds fit for a king without compromising on quality, because we produce and sell.

Today, we are the largest independent bed franchise group in South Africa, testimony to the trust our customers put in us, and we commit to not disappoint.

The focus for us remains the same: to improve the quality of life for our customers by improving their sleep comfort. We thus journey with you for the next decade or longer when you purchase one of the beds for sale through us. Why is that? Because we offer superior product guarantees and warranties. Some of these warranties reach the 20-year mark, showing our confidence in the quality of beds for sale in addition to our commitment to ensure your satisfaction.

We also offer you the opportunity to extend your product warranty with up to two years if you invest in a mattress protector from us. This also shows our confidence in the quality and functionality of these mattress protectors.

How We Also Make Sure You Pay Less for Luxury

Apart from manufacturing locally and thereby saving you on import costs, we have our own outlets, thereby giving you stores where the luxury beds for sale are displayed. Then you also save when you buy online when we offer promotions on base and mattress sets. Our promotions run for specific periods, and we never let an opportunity pass to celebrate a special day. When we celebrate, you celebrate because of the jaw-dropping specials we run for the special occasions.

Savings on the Best Sellers

As if not enough, we offer free deliveries on our best sellers. If you thus shop online and buy one of the best sellers, you don’t have to pay for delivery (terms and conditions apply). For in-store purchases, you’ll be glad to know that we offer fast deliveries in the metro areas.

Price Guarantee You Cannot Ignore

We’re confident that our beds for sale will meet your needs and we show it with the lowest price guarantee. If you find a similar bed of the same quality for sale at a lower price, we’ll beat the price and give you an additional 10% off on your purchase.

You have every reason to start shopping right now at the store that manufactures and sells its own luxury beds for less because we’ve cut out the middleman.

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