With sleep being one of the essential needs for optimal functioning, it is worth considering whether your sleep surface provides adequate support and comfort. If it does not meet the requirements as discussed below, do not waste time finding luxury beds for sale, for less. View our range of mattresses offering optimal support and comfort.

Adequate Support for Rejuvenating Sleep

Every part of the body deserves rest and support. If any part has to work to support another part during sleep, then you need to change position, adjust your pillows, or shop for one of our beds for sale. Sleep is essential for optimal functioning and health. Do not torture your body with inadequate support. If adjusting your pillow and position do not work, then the surface is probably wrong. Take action to help your body get the rest it deserves – view our catalogue to see our luxurious and supportive beds for sale.

How Do You Know if Your Body Has Proper Support?

The sleep surface must enable the proper alignment of the body from your head right through to your feet. This will prevent back and body aches related to incorrect sleep surfaces.

The mattress should push back up and around your body to give it full support. This does not mean you have to shop for the firmest mattresses. Instead, choose a surface that provides a firm or gentle but firm support. A stone-hard surface does more harm than good because your body is not in a straight line. People have curves, some more than others, and the bed surface must provide support according to the body’s contour.

If you constantly have to change positions to get into a more comfortable sleep position, chances are the surface is too hard. Likewise, if it is too soft, your body will not have any support. If you lie on your side, then the mattress should give way slightly around the shoulders and hips, but the spine should still be aligned.

The beds we offer for sale are made to provide optimal body support, regardless of the brand you choose.

Get the Comfort You Need for Full Body Rejuvenation

Adequate support provides comfort. True, a very soft mattress can feel comfortable, but if you wake up tired, chances are you tossed and turned throughout the night. A too hard surface, as mentioned, cannot contour around the body parts, while a too soft surface lets your body do the support work. When you test a mattress, you should be able to lie down and rest for a while before feeling the need to turn.

For something we all crave, deep rest does not come all that easy. Hectic lifestyles, disrupted sleep patterns because of late-night work and movies, and stress can affect our ability to fall into deep and restorative sleep. However, with adequate support, we are more likely to get the rest we need. To create a comfortable sleep environment, we also have to ensure adequate airflow and temperature regulation. If the bed environment is too hot, your body will struggle to maintain the right core temperature. Night sweats, vivid dreaming, and constant turning can be expected. Likewise, a surface that is too cold can keep you up.

Here is another reason our beds stand out among the brands offered in South Africa. With the opulent finishes and quality materials of which the mattresses are made, we ensure good temperature control and airflow in the sleep environment.

A reduction in motion transfer adds to the comfort level. If you share a bed, you do not want the movement from your partner to wake you up during the night. To this end, choose one of our beds for sale with minimum movement transfer if you share space with a restless sleeper or someone who has to get up for work before you do.

Where to Find Luxury Beds for Sale at Affordable Prices

Pay less for quality support and comfort. Buy directly from us as the bedmakers of choice. See our latest promotions, giving you more options to ensure a comfortable night’s rest.



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