3 Reasons to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress

Before you shop for bed sets for sale, consider the type of support your body needs. If you suffer from joint pains or want to purchase a quality luxury mattress for a loved one who is bedbound, consider buying a mattress that includes memory foam as part of its design. Read on to discover why.

Top Advantages of Memory Foam Bed Sets for Sale

Mattresses are not all constructed in the same way. Some have Bonnell Coil systems with layered foam for optimal comfort. Others feature memory foam for optimal curving around the body. Our product portfolio includes both types. Before we get into the advantages of memory foam, let us take a closer look at the origin and purpose of memory foam.

Although it may seem like a new technology, memory foam was already developed in the sixties. NASA wanted a safe, comfortable, and supportive material for spacecraft and aeroplane seating. With the long hours the astronauts have to spend glued to their seats, they wanted a seating surface that would provide support and comfort better than anything else. They also wanted the material to provide extra support to counter the take-off pull experience. Once outside the gravitational pull from lift-off, the material had to return to its original position, hence their development of memory foam.

Thanks to their genius, the material became widely used in the making of luxury and therapeutic mattresses. We took note, and as we are among the leading bedmakers in South Africa, we also want to give our customers mattresses and bed sets for sale that provide them with optimal body support for comfortable sleep. Have a look at these examples:

Unlike other types of mattresses, which provide support by pushing back against the body, memory foam takes on the contours of the body and returns to its original shape as soon the weight is lifted off the mattress.

Shaping to Your Body’s Contours

Because memory foam curves around your body the instant you lay down on the mattress, it cushions and contours in a way to give immediate comfort and support. This is possible because the body weight is distributed across the entire sleep surface. In this way, there are no areas on your body that press against a hard surface. Body parts, which often start to ache after a while, include the hips, ankles, knees, and shoulders.

With memory foam being part of the mattress designs, Hybrid Superior and Orthopaedic Superior bed sets for sale are well-suited for people who suffer from joint pains or for anyone who is bedridden.

Even Surface Temperature

Not all memory foam mattresses are equal. For one, the older and cheap imported types sometimes retain a lot of heat, which can become uncomfortable during the hot summer months. You want even temperature distribution for maximum comfort. The gel-infused foam in the Orthopaedic Superior helps to regulate the mattress surface temperature.

Helps with Circulation

If joints in the body are pressed against a hard surface, blood circulation is hindered. This causes discomfort, especially if a person has to sleep in a specific position. Memory foam does not push back against the body. Instead, it curves around it. This eliminates pressure on joints, helping to minimise blood circulation issues, making our beds sets for sale, especially those that include memory foam in their mattresses, well-suited for people who are bed-bound.

Use the search facility to find more bed sets for sale that include memory foam as part of their design. We offer these luxury products at affordable prices, because we cut out the middleman.




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