When shopping for beds, it is not uncommon to browse for base sets for sale, which include the base and the mattress. However, it can be expensive and sometimes unnecessary if you already have a good foundation for the mattress.

Most mattresses come in standard sizes – a single is 91 cm by 188 cm, a ¾ is 107 cm by 188 cm, and a double is 137 cm by 188 cm. The thickness may vary, and the length could be different if you go with the extra-length option, but for the most part, new mattresses should fit the old base sets that we offer for sale.

The only question now is: which one of the two options is right for you? Read on to find out.

When to Shop for Mattresses for Sale

We pride ourselves on excellent pricing, because we make our own beds and sell directly to the public, instead of choosing to work with a middleman. Thus, it is very important to us that our customers are not only satisfied with the quality of beds they purchase, but also that they do not overspend on the wrong option and end up regretting what they ordered. To determine whether buying a mattress alone is the right choice, follow these steps below:

  • Determine if the base set is the issue with the bed that you currently have.
  • Inspect the furniture to see if it is still in fair condition or if it is falling apart.
  • Determine what the maximum load capacity of the current bed set is.
  • Take measurements of the unit to determine exact size.
  • Shop online to see if the price difference between the full package and a mattress is substantial.
  • Look if your base set is of the same standard as the ones available in your affordability range.
  • Consider your budget for new furniture before making the final decision.

Sometimes, all you need is a new mattress to make your sleeping problems go away. And it is not impossible to find one fitting your current base from a store with a huge variety like ours. To ensure that all South Africans can get a good night’s rest, we have shops scattered all over the country. You can use this store locator to find one near you.

A Mediocre Bed Base Can Affect Your Sleep Even if Your Mattress is Top-Tier

If the base is not on par with the mattress you buy, you might end up with more sleepless nights in the future. A bed frame determines the ventilation and amount of support your mattress gives. It also affects the overall height of the sleeping space.

Therefore, choosing the right combination between base and mattress is imperative. It can be beneficial to get both pieces from one place because they are usually built to work together in perfect harmony.

The base quality and condition affect the lifespan of the mattress. If your bed is making noises or if it looks sunken or damaged at all, do not delay in looking for new base sets for sale.

About Our Base Sets for Sale

All our base sets are covered in high-quality fabric and crafted to provide optimal support to the mattresses sold with these particular brands. Each one comes with its own warranty. We can give these warranties because we are the manufacturers and have confidence in our workmanship.

These base sets are also fitted with small pedestals to lift them from the ground and prevent damage related to movement friction, moisture from the floor, and water spills. These feet or pedestals also allow for airflow through the base and mattress. Aside from that, it facilitates easier lifting and moving of the bed when required.

Available Range of Mattresses

We offer luxurious mattresses for less because we have cut out the middleman. Whether you shop online or in-store from one of our outlets, you save money. Have a look at the mattress options below.


The mattresses available in the ComfoSleep brand are made with bamboo knitted fabric finishes, which offer more hygienic and cool sleeping surfaces. This is due to the natural antibacterial effects that bamboo offers. Our basic units are equipped with Bonnell coil springs for a firm level of support. These mattresses are multi-turn, where the elemental sets are turn-free due to their Pillow Top designs.


The Orthopaedic range can be split into two categories. Our essential, elemental, and premium sets are all fitted with Bonnell coil springs and they are layered with foam for extra comfort. All three types have a firm feel. The premium and elemental units are completed with luxury knitted fabric for breathable sleeping spaces and offer added padding for extra comfort. They are also both turn-free, where the essential is multi-turn.

The more lavish options for sale in this range are the superior and supreme deluxe mattresses. These offer plush firmness, meaning that they are extra soft for a cushion-like feel. The insides of the mattresses are a combination of mini and normal Bonnell coil springs, as well as foam padding.


Our Therapaedic series is available in four types, all with multilayers of foam inside. These offer reliable support throughout the entire body, creating minimal movement transfer for an uninterrupted sleeping experience. The supreme and superior sets feature Purotex® treated fabric, which helps rid the mattress of allergenic properties and bacteria that can gather over time.


We offer three types of Hybrid mattresses at The Bed Shop. The elemental features mini and regular Bonnell coil springs along with a layered foam encasement, gentle firm support level, and luxury knitted quilt finish. Superior sets have a combination of mini pocket springs and foam encasement, offering a plush feel. Finally, the premium units also have a combination inner and give gentle firm support. All three options are turn-free.


The range offers the most variety. All are fitted with pocket coils and either memory or other layers of foam.

Get Delivery to Your Home

If you are wondering how you will transport the furniture from our shop to your house, do not stress, we deliver.

Whether you want mattresses only or full base sets, there is a perfect bed for every member of the household at our stores. We offer delivery at a set rate for all locations within 20 km from any of our retail outlets in the major metropolitan areas. Deliveries can be made at destinations that are further away, by negotiating terms with the store closest to you. You can also get extra-speedy delivery on any of our best sellers to major metros in the country where we have outlets close by.

Here are some of our most affordable options for each brand:

You can see the difference in price of a full set and only the mattress by changing between the options on each bed’s page.

If you have considered base sets but want to purchase a mattress only due to affordability, do not forget about Black Friday. With November being the month of massive specials, you might be in luck and find that our full base sets are on promotion and within the amount you have set aside to buy furniture. You can view the bargain offers we have at the moment.

Shop for Base Sets for Sale Even if You Do Not Have the Cash at Hand

Apart from being able to shop by price on our website, or by viewing our latest specials, you can still purchase the most expensive bed at our store without having the money in hand.

You can do this with our Payflex option of only paying a quarter of the amount upon purchase and the rest in three separate parts. If you are worried whether this will cost you more, do not be. These instalments are interest-free, so you will not be charged extra.

It is the best way to get base sets for the whole family without spending your whole salary all at once. You can get all the information needed for this method of payment here.

We Guarantee Low Prices for Excellent Goods

Do not let your loved ones suffer from poor quality sleep. Find luxury base sets for sale at affordable prices, straight from the manufacturer, and start enjoying bedtime again.

Compare the beds we stock with that of other companies according to price and quality. You will find that all our products are competitively priced. And if you happen to find a better bed somewhere else that is sold for less, please inform us. This way, we can beat that offer and give you an additional 10% off upon checkout, provided that the terms and conditions are met.

If you have any further questions or just want to find out more about the beds we manufacture and sell in South Africa, let us know and get a quick response from one of our representatives.

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