Are There Any Good Quality Single or Three-Quarter Beds For Sale Near Me?


Did you just move into a new apartment? Are you looking to purchase a high-grade single bed to fill that empty room? If so, then you’re in luck. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality beds for sale, including luxurious single base and mattress sets to fit the sleeping needs of every student, young adult, business professional, pensioner or child. Look through our products online and order your favourite brand in bedroom furniture to make your house your own. With our store locator, you won’t even have to search online for “beds for sale near me” as we have several outlets throughout the country.

What about three-quarter beds for sale near me?

Another size option that many individuals overlook is the three-quarter unit, which is also great for singles or kids. Whether you want to find a store near you or want the convenience of online shopping, you will appreciate the extensive information we offer to help you make a buying decision, also when it comes to the selection of three-quarter base and mattress sets.

Should I look for single or three-quarter beds for sale near me?

There is only a slight variance in size from the two mentioned options, but there are upsides to getting the bigger model. Say you have a young child or children, and you want to get them beds that they can use for a long time. If you opt for the single size, they might use it for the rest of their young lives or possibly outgrow it in a couple of short years. Although the lengths in both choices are the same, the minor change in width can be beneficial. Kids generally like sharing their beds. However, a mere single may not be big enough for two toddlers at a time. The added 16 cm on the side, believe it or not, makes a huge difference when they have friends visiting and want to share their sleeping space.

That extra space a three-quarter provides is also perfect for adults who enjoy the company of a pet at night or multiple pillows on the bed.

Nevertheless, a solo unit has its own benefits too, such as being easier to transport or get in and out of a tiny room. If you’re buying a sleeper for a child who still has to grow considerably, have a look at our extra-length units that are 2 m in length. Young or old, a proper bed is essential in any home.

What about delivery of the beds for sale from stores near me?

You can order any size beds from us online and have them delivered directly to your home. There’s no need to rent a trailer or ask friends to assist in getting the furniture from point A to point B. So, if seeking a smaller bed just because you don’t know if you’ll be able to transport a king or queen unit, go for the bigger size of your choice, We’ve got you covered with free delivery within a 15 km radius from an outlet near you (terms & conditions apply)

How do I find beds for sale near me?

To know if there’s a store with beds for sale near you, use our store locator to search your region for outlets. We have many stores scattered throughout Mpumalanga, including one in Ermelo, two in Witbank, two in Nelspruit and more in other areas. We also have multiple outlets where you can find beds for sale in Gauteng. You can find one in Centurion, Pretoria North, Randfontein, Kempton Park, Springs, Silver Lakes and other parts of the province. Even if you’re on the opposite side of the country, there are stores to shop at in the Western, Northern and Eastern Cape.

How do I get started in finding a store near me? We’ve got you covered

Wherever you’re situated, you can find quality beds for sale near you at The Bed Shop. Browse our list of products to get started or jump to the store locator to find a store near you.





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