You want to buy a double mattress for the spare room, but don’t know if it will fit, and you wonder whether it is big enough for your heavier-built family members. Can it really fit two people? Can it carry the weight? And what are the dimensions of a standard double bed? Read on for the basic information you need to make an informed buying choice.

What are the Dimensions of a Double Mattress?

A standard double mattress measures 137cm x188cm. If you choose the extra length, it measures 137cm by 200cm. This means it is 137cm in width, with a length of 200cm.

What is the Standard Thickness of a Double Mattress?

The thickness or height is the one variable you have to keep in mind when shopping for a bed besides the choice between standard and extra length. The thickness can vary a lot, based on the materials and design of the bed. However, don’t take thickness or height as an indication of quality or comfort.

Consider the height of the person using the bed – a tall person might find it difficult to bend down low to sit down on the bed. It can also be more difficult for an older person to get up from a lower bed. For a younger child or shorter person, a higher bed might be difficult to get into or to sit on with their feet reaching the floor.

Also consider the base height in determining the overall height of the bed, plus the type of bedding you plan to use to decide on your bed of choice if height is a major concern.

Does the Thickness or Height Indicate the Quality of the Double Bed Mattress?

No. Of course, a very thin sponge or foam mattress will hardly provide enough support for a heavier sleeper. But generally, when it comes to quality mattresses, as are available from the Bed Shop outlets across South Africa, the thickness has more to do with the materials and design of the bed.

For instance, the Orthopaedic Premium measures 54cm in height (thickness). It boasts a firm feel and comes with a Bonnell Coil inner spring system and a comfortable layered foam design. It has a plush and breathable luxury knitted finish. The turn-free mattress can handle a maximum of 100kg weight on each side.

If you look at the Therapaedic Elemental, which also has a firm feel, but is characterised by a design that supports an exceptionally soothing sleep experience, you would imagine it to be thicker than the Orthopaedic Premium, especially because it can support 110kg per side. But this one is thinner and measures 137cm x1 88cm x 51cm (standard length). The triple-layered foam core is what provides for the soothing sleep experience and is also the reason it is thinner.

The Orthopaedic Supreme is thicker and measures 65cm in height (thickness). This is because of the double Bonnell Coil inner spring system with a layered foam design. It comes with a Bamboo® knitted finish for a cooler sleep and protection against bacteria. It can handle 100kg on each side.

Can Two People Sleep Comfortably on a Double Mattress?

Yes, it is wide enough to provide enough sleep space for each with 68,5cm for each side. However, if you have two heavy sleepers, then movement can be a bit limited. If this is the case, rather opt for a queen size bed, which gives you 152cm of space for both sleepers.

Although the double bed offers a snug sleep space for two medium-built adults, it offers plenty room for people with smaller physical features, teens, and young children. It also takes up less floor space, making it a suitable choice for smaller rooms. Finally, the weight-bearing capacity on each side should be considered, whether you buy a double or queen size bed set.

Final Thoughts

The length and width of the double mattress is standard with the extra length adding more vertical space. It can fit two adults for a comfortable sleep, depending on their physical features. Shop by size to find one that matches your needs. We offer an extensive range of quality, luxury beds, made by us and sold at affordable prices because we’ve taken out the middleman.

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