Find Your Dream Bed: Explore a Queen Bed for Sale at The Bed Shop

Do you crave luxurious hotel comfort or a sleek, modern haven? Make your bed the centrepiece and unlock the door to your perfect sleep sanctuary – all without breaking the bank. Starting your canvas with an affordable, showstopping queen bed for sale from The Bed Shop not only guarantees that you will have a restorative and rejuvenating night’s rest but it just may overshadow the rest of the décor in your room.

Find Your Dream Bed: Explore a Queen Bed for Sale at The Bed Shop

The Priceless Advantages of a Queen Bed for Sale

From the materials carefully selected in our base sets through to the meticulous attention to detail in the finishes of our mattresses, every aspect of a queen bed for sale from The Bed Shop suggests grandeur and exudes sophistication. If you are wondering what makes a queen bed for sale the better option, our sleep experts would like to expand on why our queen beds take centre stage in any bedroom.

Diverse Mattress Selection

We acknowledge that everyone’s sleeping preferences vary and offer you a mattress selection based on your sleeping style. Whether you prefer the supporting comfort of our gel memory foam mattresses that remember your sleeping position or lend towards the more traditional coil inner that our Posture Pocket mattresses embrace, we can guarantee that what you will get from our queen mattress selection is blissful slumber.

Customised Bases

We have cleverly manufactured our bed bases to seamlessly complement your choice of mattress. Selecting woven fabric over other materials adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the focal point of your room, negating the need to buy extra-sized bedding to hide an unsightly base. The muted colours of our queen base sets allow you to seamlessly integrate them with existing room décor.

Budget-Friendly Options

You don’t need to earn a king’s ransom to have a bed fit for a queen when you make your sleep investment through The Bed Shop. You decide on the amount you are comfortable spending and the payment option that best suits you, and your queen bed will be yours.

Transform Your Room into a Sanctuary

The Bed Shop goes beyond just a good night’s sleep. We offer complete sleep solutions to ensure you rest easy. From our range of queen beds for sale, including the base and mattress, to headboards that embellish your queen bed into a stately chamber, we have the bed accessories that will make your bed have the starring role.

  • If you are concerned about storage space and would like to keep some of your clutter under wraps, we offer storage bases perfect for smaller rooms and larger ones that may not have adequate cupboard space
  • By default, your queen bed is automatically the focal point of the room. However, attracting more attention to it can be done through a statement piece like our headboards, specifically designed to match your choice of bed set. The right headboard can make a room feel warmer and cozier.
  • Clutter on the floor and extra blankets on the bed can make a smaller room feel a little claustrophobic. Our blanket boxes, designed to neatly slot in at the foot of your queen bed or against a wall, neatly store away all the extras, freeing up much-needed floor space.

Making the Most of Your Space

After exploring a queen bed for sale from us, you may be concerned as to whether your royal haven will fit in the room you want it in. The good news is that a queen bed can fit in almost any sized room. We have compiled some design tips to assist you in maximising your available room space, without taking the focus away from your bed.

  • Bedside tables are handy to keep lamps and knick-knacks on; however, selecting one with drawers gives you added storage space.
  • Rugs not only make a room feel cozier, but they also have the dual purpose of demarcating zones in a room. Perhaps think about placing a rug slightly underneath the bed. Not only is it practical but it also adds to the aesthetics.
  • Having a couple of cushions in front of your pillows provides a stylish layer and adds a pop of colour; however, too many can make your small room look cluttered.

Snooze in Style with Your Queen Bed from The Bed Shop

At The Bed Shop, we offer the convenience of in-store and online purchase options, making it easier for you to luxuriate in a bed fit for royalty. Your sleep oasis is just a phone call or click away.

*All information is applicable to the date of publishing. All rates are subject to change. Ts & Cs apply.

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