It’s recommended to replace your sleep surface every six to eight years. But what can you do with the old base and mattress set, especially if the set is still in good condition and can be used by someone else? Read on for tips and ideas for recycling base and mattress sets once you’ve bought one of our beds for sale.


But before you do, if your mattress and base set has reached the recommended replacement date, you’ll want to look for quality beds for sale from a trusted supplier. You can shop online for luxury base sets from The Bed Shop or visit one of our stores for an in-person purchase. We offer same-day delivery on the best sellers nationwide.


Here are a few tips on what to do with the old bed:


  1. Give it Away Before Shopping for Beds for Sale


Considering that the beds for sale from us come with long lifespans and guarantees, even if you replace yours because your lifestyle needs have changed, you’ll be able to give these to someone else, such as a shelter. If the mattress and base set is still in fairly good condition, rather than having the set end up on a landfill, adding to the waste problem, advertise it as a giveaway for collection or ask around to find out if someone needs an extra set for their holiday home.


  1. Sell it Through Social Media Platforms or at a Pawn Shop


If the set is still in good condition with quite a few years left for usage, you can sell it. Of course, you’ll have to get in professionals to clean it properly without causing damage. The brand, general state, and age will affect the selling price. Use the extra cash to purchase mattress and pillow protectors when you purchase one of the beds for sale at The Bed Shop.


  1. Use the Set for an Outdoor Veranda Afternoon Rest Space


Browse the Internet for ideas on how to create a veranda sofa or rest space. Add a few round pillows for ambience and an old-style mosquito net. This can become your lazy afternoon reading spot.


  1. Convert it Into Extra Seating Space for the Television or Cinema Room


Have you ever noticed how there’s suddenly not enough seating space on movie night? Why not give the mattress set a daybed look? If you have adequate space in your family room, the extra relaxation and seating space will be perfect for family movie nights.


  1. Transform it Into a Pet Haven


If you have two or three pets always wanting to share your bed, give them one of their own. For this, purchase a new mattress protector and a fitted sheet to keep the protector in place. Add appropriate bedding, which you’ll have to wash often to keep the space hygienic. But your four-legged furry friends will love you for it.


  1. Add the Extra Base and Mattress to the Playroom or Your Kid’s Room


In this sense, the mattress or full base set will become a seating, doll display, or play area rather than an extra sleep space.


  1. Donate the Mattress to an Animal Shelter


Pet rescue centres are always in the market for extra sleep surfaces for their animals. In many instances, they’ll even arrange for collection. Their animals will be grateful for the extra bit of comfort.


  1. Give it to a Recycle Artist


You’ll be surprised to know how creative people can get. What you might think is the end of a furniture piece, might be a new beginning. Skilled recycle artists break up old beds and use the parts in new projects. They’ll turn the springs into part of a wine rack or fence, and more. You can also have a look online at inspiring ideas for upcycling worn mattress and base sets.


Once you’ve decided what to do with the old base and mattress, you can browse our collection for beds for sale that match your sleep and lifestyle needs or visit one of our outlets near you. We offer luxury beds for sale for less because we cut out the middleman.


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