The world has changed forever from 2020 to 2022. No longer do people think of online shopping as an occasional way of buying items they cannot find in stores. If the limitations on movement taught people one thing, then it would be that they can purchase just about anything via the Internet. The fear of e-commerce is gone and thousands of people have discovered the convenience of buying beds online.

If you are not yet sure whether buying beds online is the way forward, consider the many benefits discussed in this article:

Flexibility: Shop Where and When You Want

Whether you are waiting at a restaurant for your guests, are at work during lunchtime, or are at home, you can shop at an hour that suits you. The website store doors do not close at a set time. Likewise, you can access the Internet from your smartphone next to the fishing waters, your iPad while waiting for your car to be washed, your notebook, or your desktop computer. You have more flexibility in how and when you browse when buying beds from company websites than with the conventional brick-and-mortar shopping approach.

With no need to get dressed, plan an entire day of shopping, and drive to a physical store, you take the stress factor out of shopping for a base and mattress set.

View In-Store and Buy Beds Online: Visit a Store to Test the Mattress Before Buying on the Website

You can first test out the different mattresses, feel the materials, and physically inspect the products before you make a final purchase decision. Think about the base and mattress sets you have seen and once happy with your choice, buy the product of choice through the company’s website.

Ability to Compare Reviews

In-store purchases come with the benefit of a sales consultant to help you choose between the bed sets, but the sales consultant is not likely to give you a list of different reviews. When you buy beds online, you can visit the outlet’s social media platforms for reviews on the particular brand of beds, get input from other consumers, and compare reviews for the different sellers and particular products. You can also compare reviews on third-party sites about the supplier, delivery, service, prices, and beds.

Even a bad review of a brand is useful for decision making. That said, if you find a bad review, do not stop there. Look at how the company responded to the review. The buyer might have been wrong all along. Even if 100% right, if the company responded and resolved the issue, then it shows the brand supplier is trustworthy. If there are more positive than negative reviews, you can rest assured that the product or the brand is well worth exploring.

No Need to Deal with Pressure to Make a Decision

Some people make purchase decisions quickly. Others take a while. You should not have to feel pressured to buy right there and then, but with in-store browsing, there is the risk of buying when you are not yet ready or happy with your choice. It can be for different reasons:

  • The sales consultant puts forward a strong sales pitch.
  • You fear that you will change your mind.
  • Money is available at that moment and you are afraid that you might use it for something else.
  • The feeling of being overwhelmed leads to a haste decision.
  • Shopping fatigue sets in and you just want to get the product and go home.

When buying beds online, you can take your time in making a decision. True, promotions don’t go on forever, but you can first consider factors like:

  • Room size
  • Purpose for the particular bed
  • Who will use the base set
  • Length requirement
  • Special needs like a hypoallergenic sleep surface
  • Type of support you want from the mattress
  • Price of the mattress
  • Whether you need a mattress only or a complete base set
  • Options for payment

You can make a list of the essentials you want from the bed like the type of support, the mattress height, length and width, etc. Once you have it all written down, you can compare the products according to luxury offered, guarantees in place, and the prices.

With no immediate pressure to make a buying decision, you’re more likely to be satisfied with your purchase than when you have to deal with an in-store sales consultant or even family pressure to make a decision.

Comprehensive Information Available

Although in-store salespeople have all the necessary information at hand to answer your questions, when you shop for beds online, you have information about each product. This makes it easier to research the features mentioned about a particular product. Everything from the weight capacity to the length, width, inner component make-up, and type of support to the finishes are part of the information listed for each product. You regain control over the decision-making process for an informed purchase.

Online Chat Help is Available

Buying a bed online does not mean you are left without any help. At The Bed Shop, you have expert help available, but it is your choice if you want to speak to someone. Also, there is no pressure to make a buying decision, just someone who wants to answer your questions and to help with the purchase process.

Accurate Information

The brand is concerned with how the customer engages with their brand. Instead of browsing through several brick-and-mortar stores where you often have to rely on what the sales consultant says, you can buy online. The company’s website is likely to have up-to-date and accurate information and a promise made in writing is one that the company must deliver on.

Online stores offer clients comprehensive guides that cover everything from the best mattress for back pain to choosing between a queen size and king size bed and more. These guides contain the information you need to avoid pitfalls in purchasing a base and mattress set.

Superb Guarantees and Return Policies

Because you are not able to test the product by lying on it before you buy, the seller makes sure the product information is comprehensive and accurate. You will also notice that in many instances, the brand offers better return terms and conditions because they understand that you did not get to test before you buy.

Online Promotions

Many special promotions are only valid when you buy beds online. These promotions are updated on a regular basis. You can subscribe to the company’s email newsletter and receive updates on their latest promotions, making it possible to buy luxury beds online for less than you would pay for in-store purchases.

Delivery to Your House

More often than not, stores only deliver to their customers if they are located within a specific distance from the stores. When you purchase the products from the company’s website, you have the assurance that the seller will deliver the purchased products to your home.

Immediately Know if the Products are in Stock

One of the most frustrating aspects of in-store furniture purchases is the lack of transparency. Customers often find that the base sets they see in store are only for show. Once they have made the purchase, they are told it might take two weeks for delivery because the store is out of stock. This is not the case with online purchases. If the product is not available, the seller indicates “out of stock” or “sold out”, meaning you benefit from transparency in marketing.

Several Payment Options Available

E-commerce stores often offer several payment options, ranging from credit card and EFT transactions to credit or instalment options with PayFlex and Mobicred. You get an instant quote and the option of paying for the purchase the way you prefer.

Where to Buy Beds Online?

You should buy from a trusted brand that offers customers both brick-and-mortar showrooms and an e-commerce facility. We at The Bed Shop fit the profile. Because we are the manufacturer of each base and mattress we sell online or in-store, we have the confidence to offer superb guarantees and warranties to our customers. We offer the same level of product and customer care excellence in-store as we do when you purchase from our website.

You will find comprehensive product information on each base and mattress set and we also give you tips and guides. In addition, you can get help with the purchase decision, and we offer several payment options. In addition, we regularly run promotions for online purchases in which you can save a considerable amount. You never have to guess about the prices as these are displayed and we also give price guarantees.

You can shop by brand, promotion, or bed size from the convenience of your home. Our luxury base mattress products sell for less because we are the manufacturers and have taken out the middleman. Do not take our word for it, view our promotions, enabling you to buy premium-quality beds online for less.


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