The double mattress offers a snug sleep surface for two adults, roomy surface for two kids, or exceptional space for one person. It takes up less floor space than the queen size bed, making it a practical choice for the smaller guestroom. Also, choose this size if you have a large guestroom and want to offer two separate but spacious sleep surfaces.

As the manufacturer of supreme-quality beds in South Africa, we also offer a wide range of brands and luxury levels. If you’re a discerning homeowner who wants to give the best and most restful sleep experience for your family and guests, then have a look at our selection of top luxury double beds. You can opt to purchase the standard length of 188 cm or go with the extra-length option of 200 cm to cater to tall sleepers. All the beds in our portfolio come with excellent guarantees and warranties.

Orthopaedic Premium Deluxe

Just looking at the name should give you an indication of the comfort and luxury associated with this bed. It offers a gentle firm feel. The Bonnell Coil inner spring and memory combination is what creates the ultimate in sleep comfort. With a stylish and luxury knitted quilt finish, the bed also has a plush feel. It’s a turn-free mattress with optimal support for up to 100 kg per side, making it well-suited for kids, young adults, and light to medium physique adult sleepers.

Posture Pocket Zoned Comfort

As the name suggests, the turn-free double mattress with a weight-bearing capacity of 120 kg per side offers zoned comfort with zero movement transfer. This provides for undisturbed rest even if your partner has to get up during the night. The zoned pocket coils provide for body contour support, giving you a lush sleep experience. It comes with a luxury breathable and plush knitted quilt finish for optimal airflow and comfort.

Therapaedic Superior Double Mattress

If you’re looking for a firm feel surface that offers a soothing and restful sleep experience, then invest in the Therapaedic Superior that offers a comfortable sleep experience. It boasts a five-layer foam core, which provides for optimal body support while eliminating movement transfer.

The bed offers a luxury knitted fabric finish, treated with Purotex® technology that uses probiotics to eliminate bacterial and allergenic elements on the surface. This ensures a hypo-allergenic sleep environment, making it the perfect choice for people who struggle with allergies. With the hygienic sleep surface offered, this is also a suitable multi-turn double mattress for the guestroom to ensure your guests have a bacteria -free sleep environment. It stands out for its high weight capacity of 130kg per side.

Posture Pocket Supreme

Looking for extra luxury? Then you’ll love the gentle plush feel of the Posture Pocket Supreme that comes with the unique heavy weight pocket coil inner spring and memory foam layered design. With this design, you can expect almost no movement transfer and undisturbed sleep. With the memory foam, full contoured body support helps to create a snug and soft sleep area. It’s well-suited for people with joint aches and who don’t want any pressure on their joints. Personalised body support adds to the comfort level. With a weight-bearing capacity of up to 150 kg per side, this turn-free double mattress is ideal for heavier sleepers as well. Usually, memory foam is not best suited for heavier sleepers, but with the combination of an inner spring system and multi-layered foam, the heavier weight can be supported as well.

These are only a few of the top-of-the-range luxury double mattress choices for discerning buyers. We make it possible to get these at discount prices through our promotions and best price guarantee. Use the store locator to find one of our outlets near you or place your order online for delivery anywhere in South Africa.

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