Let’s Take A Closer Look at Our Mattresses For Sale

Stating that one mattress is more comfortable than the other in our selection can cause confusion. The truth is that all the mattresses we offer for sale are comfortable. It’s rather a question of which one is the most comfortable for you.

To help you make an informed decision, let’s take a closer look at some of the double mattresses for sale in the Premium, Superior, and Deluxe ranges with reference to selected brands in our portfolio.

Orthopaedic Premium Deluxe

The Orthopaedic Premium Deluxe bed comes with a Bonnell Coil inner spring system surrounded by layers of memory foam that conform to your body contour for gentle pressure relief and optimal distribution of support for your body’s weight. It comes with an opulent knitted breathable quilt finish, which gives it the plush feeling, so characteristic of the Premium Deluxe mattresses for sale. The sleep surface is turn-free and offers support for up to 100 kg on each side.

The bed also features high-density foam, which contributes to the gentle firm support. The luxurious sleep surface comes with a 2-year guarantee and 10-year warranty. You can get an extended 2-year warranty if you purchase a mattress protector here, which will help to protect the surface against spills and dust.

Therapaedic Superior

With the high-quality five-layer foam core technology, the Therapaedic Superior mattresses for sale offer an exceptionally smooth sleeping experience.

If you’re looking for a firm feel, then you’ll love this mattress that provides firm body support. With minimum movement transfer, it’s a superb choice for combination sleepers who might change positions during the night.

Your bed partner’s sleep will not be disturbed when you settle into your favourite sleep position.

The luxury knitted fabric finish is Purotex® treated, which ensures a bacteria and allergen-free sleep surface. If you’re prone to allergies, need extra body support because you’re a heavy sleeper, and want a soothing sleep experience, choose one of these thick rebond foam, firm support mattresses for sale.

The Therapaedic Superior is a multi-turn mattress with weight support for up to 130kg on each side, making it the perfect choice for heavier sleepers. It comes with a 3-year guarantee and 20-year warranty, which speaks to its durability. You can also get an extended 2-year warranty when you purchase a mattress protector from us.

Posture Pocket Supreme

For the heavier sleepers who still want the gentle firm support and plush feel, but prefer a softer sleep surface than offered by firm support mattresses, we recommend the Posture Pocket Supreme with its foam-encased pocket support technology.

These sleep surfaces have the best of both worlds. Each one comes with a heavy weight pocket coil inner spring system surrounded by the memory foam design. This ensures optimal support and gentle pressure point relief because the memory foam contours around the body for even support distribution.

The luxury knitted fabric finish adds to the comfort level and plush feel of the turn-free mattress with support up to 150 kg on each side. The Posture Pocket Supreme comes with a 3-year guarantee and 15-year warranty with an extended 2-year warranty if you invest in a mattress protector.

Final Thoughts

These are only three of the exceptionally comfortable double mattresses for sale. We recommend searching according to single, ¾, double, queen, or king size and compare the mattress features to see which one fits your sleep requirements. You can also view our selection of articles on how to choose the bed to meet your needs, starting with “Choosing the best beds in South Africa” in our blog section.

You can visit any of our stores near you or purchase online with several payment options to meet your needs. Fast delivery is offered in all major centres with same-day deliveries on our best sellers. View our range of double bed mattresses for sale to get started.


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