Looking for a single bed for sale, but don’t know if you should buy one?

Perhaps a three-quarter is better suited for your needs or even a double. Is it still worth it to buy a single base set? Read on for information to help you make an informed buying decision.


Available Room Space – Look for a Single Bed for Sale if You Have Limited Space

Buying a base set is not an easy task. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing one. One of the most important things is the size of your room. You can’t buy a large base set if you have limited space in your bedroom.

Keep in mind that you need space around the base set to move around. If you’re a student, you most probably have friends visiting you in your studio apartment. Although a double base set offers more sleeping space, it also takes up added floorspace, which means less space for chairs in your apartment.

A three-quarter is the better option if the room is big enough if you’re an adult because it can often handle a larger weight than the single type. So, here the bottom line is movement area around the mattress.


Where Will it Be Placed?

If you’re looking for a base set for sale to fit into a small extra room in your home for the extra guest if you don’t have a guestroom that can fit a double or queen size mattress, then it’s the right choice. Sometimes, the three-quarter takes up just too much space to fit into the room. But do keep in mind that the three-quarter mattress will offer more movement area for the guest, and as mentioned, will be able to carry more weight.

If the mattress is to be placed against a wall, then you’ll have more floor space. In this instance, consider shopping for a three-quarter bed for sale rather than the single base set.


Who Will Use the Base Set?

Growing children spend eight to ten hours per night sleeping, But during the day, they spend their time playing outdoors and in their rooms. For them, the floor space might be more important than the additional movement freedom on the mattress. Also, they’re lighter. This means most of the quality single mattresses will be able to carry and support their weight. Keep in mind that the average lifetime of the mattress ranges between 7 and 10 years. You’ll have to replace the set when they’re heavier, but by then, the mattress might be due for replacement as well.

If for yourself, consider your weight. If you’re heavier built, then a three-quarter will provide more movement space and weight-carrying capacity.


What is the Length Requirement?

Here too you have to consider the available space, the length of the person who will use the mattress, and whether the sleeper is a growing kid or adult. For a young kid, go with the standard length. This is also suitable for a young teen of average height. For an adult of 1,8 metres or taller, select the extra length option. Our single beds for sale come in the standard length of 188 cm or you can opt for a base set like the Orthopaedic Premium available in extra length with a weight capacity of 100 kg on each side of the turn-free mattress. It features a firm feel due to its Bonnell Coil inner spring system combined with a layered foam design.


Level of Firmness

For a lightweight person, a layered foam, memory gel foam, or pocket coil with foam surrounding will be superb to give optimal support. For a heavier person, a medium to firm sleep surface provides better support. For more information on the firmness factors, read our article on how to choose a mattress for growing kids and view the article on buying a mattress that’s right for you.


Where to Find a Single Bed for Sale to Meet Your Needs

Shop online according to our single mattresses for sale to find the set that matches your exact needs.

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