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Shopping for beds online? Start with our exquisite range that includes brands such as ComfoSleep, Orthopaedic, Posture Pocket, and Therapaedic. The full descriptions of the bed sets, pillows and mattress protectors in addition to specifications and a convenient catalogue, make the decision-making process as easy as can be.

If not enough reason to browse our online collection, we regularly offer specials and promotions on selected items, such as extended warranties on the mattresses when you buy mattress protectors along with the selected mattress or bed sets.

Want to know what we offer online? Read on as we introduce three of our mattresses, giving you a glimpse of the superior quality products on offer.

Orthopaedic Elemental Set – Give Your Back a Bit of Rest

Do you need extra comfort and body support? Then you’ll love this set, featuring a mattress that’s firm, yet, gentle. Adequate support helps your body to relax, and few beds sold online come close to the superior comfort offered by the Dynamic® Orthopaedic mattress. Add to that, the opulent feel achieved with the knitted quilt finish and you have a sleeping space that’s so luxurious that you’ll look forward to every minute you can spend in bed. It’s a Turn-Free product made to support up to 90 kg per side.

As with all the beds we sell online, this mattress comes with a guarantee that underpins the claim to quality. It has a ten-year warranty and one-year guarantee. With such assurance, you can sleep soundly, knowing that we’ve got your rest covered.

Want to view more options in this range? Visit the Orthopaedic selection for stunning beds and place your order online with our easy-to-use shopping system to benefit from the competitive prices we offer online.

ComfoSleep Elemental Set

Want beds for your children’s rooms? Then the ComfoSleep Elemental mattress set is an excellent choice. It can handle up to 80 kg per side and comes with a Turn-Free mattress. Competitively priced and with a five-year warranty in addition to the one-year guarantee, it’s a value-for-money buy at any standard. The mattress comes with a Bonnell Coil inner spring while the Pillow Top design adds to the comfort level to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep night-after-night.  The Bamboo® knitted fabric provides for a natural barrier to protect against bacteria. Buy now online or visit one of our stores to purchase this mattress that provides for a fresh and clean sleep space.

Posture Pocket Superior Set

Want a bed set that offers an extra layer of comfort? Then you’ll appreciate how the Posture Pocket Superior mattress provides for a firm feel and comfortable sleep because of the Pocket Coil inner spring. Together with a layered foam design, it creates the perfect sleep space to help you fully relax even if your bed partner moves around. It’s just such a stunning and plush mattress that you will want to order it online immediately. And it’s another one of the beds available for purchase through our online shop, which should make it to the top of your priority list. The reason is simple – it comes with a luxury knitted quilt finish and because of the Pocket Coils you don’t have to worry about movement transfer that can cause sleep interruption. It also comes with a ten-year warranty and two-year guarantee.

These are only three of the beds we sell online. Our range is extensive, ensuring you can get from single to double, queen and extra length beds from the comfort of your home. We know how important a good night’s rest is for complete rejuvenation. We’re just as passionate about sleep and it shows in the fact that all the beds we sell online are of superior quality, made to give maximum body support for years to come. Browse our selection and buy from the comfort of your home, or use the store locator to find an outlet near you.



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