You are dead set on buying a large enough sleeping space for two persons. The next step is to look for a king bed for sale, and here we help with our convenient online shopping facility and showroom locator. In a hurry for product information? Download our catalogue for an overview of our range of king beds for sale. First though, do you want to learn more? Then read on to discover:

  • Dimensions of a standard king bed for sale.
  • Who wants this size sleeping space?
  • What’s the right size room to fit a king-size bed?

Dimensions of a standard king bed for sale

As the attribution denotes, this size is the biggest of them all. If you want a spacious sleeping space, you cannot get bigger, except if you go for one that offers extra length. The standard one is 203 cm x 193 cm. This gives enough space for two adults to sleep comfortably without compromising on personal space. If you don’t have a measuring tape close by, you can always put two twin beds next to each other to get a feel for the size offered. The overall area covered is 3,92 m2.

Who wants this size sleeping space?

Not everyone is keen on having so much space. It’s huge and one can easily feel lost in such a large space. However, if you fit in one of the categories below, you will want one:

  • Family with a baby or toddler who enjoys sleeping between you and your partner.
  • A pet owner who often has to share the sleeping space with furry friends.
  • Lodge owner who wants to offer ample sleeping space in the honeymoon or presidential suite.
  • A couple who requires large enough space to allow for free movement without disturbing each other.
  • Someone who loves space so much, you are not willing to compromise a centimetre.
  • A homeowner who wants to give guests a luxurious and spacious sleeping area.

What is the right size room to fit one of the king beds up for sale?

It depends on whether you go with an extra or standard-length bed. If for an extra, simply add the extra centimetres in your calculations to determine the minimum space you need. For the standard size, you need at least 72,6 cm around the frame for walking and moving space. Just to be sure you have enough space, allow for 73 cm around the frame.

If the mattress is placed on a platform frame, then measure from the platform frame outer edge. If the mattress forms part of a mattress and base set that fits 100%, then you calculate measurement from the outer edge of the mattress or base. In terms of length, consider the space that the headboard takes up in addition to the foot-end. Measure from the end of the foot-frame where relevant, otherwise from the end of the base.

In general, a room that measures 366 cm x 366 cm or 3,66 m x 3,66 m can fit the king bed with standard nightstands on either side along with a small dresser or dressing table. For more comfort, you look at a room size of at least 430 cm x 580 cm or 4,3 m by 5,8 m to fit the bed, plus two nightstands, a dresser, and a small couch or comfortable chair and a television cabinet.

The final step in choosing the size

Once you’ve determined that you have space and require the comfort or elegance offered, it’s time to get shopping. We offer you a wide range of quality king beds for sale, including standard and extra-length options. Start shopping for mattresses to get the best deals with our promotions.





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